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Has any of you already brought your goal dress/suit?


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lol,Ive just been on coast website and ive found these,

with these shoes...

or this dress...

with these shoes...

What do you think,i know im thinking WAY ahead but i want something to motivate me more lol
oooooo sooooo pretty! do you have much to loose how far along are you god that sounds awful on the diet obviously!


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Im currently a size 24 and i want to go down to a 12/14 (id be VERY happy with a size 14)
So ive alot to loose but feel confident after ready other posts i can do it.I want to be that size by aug as i go on holiday to newquay and maybe a last min hol to spain if i feel ok in a swimsuit by then.
Ive been doing light excercise like walking twice a day just a few times round the block with the pup and light weights to tighten my bingo wings up as they will need to be nice and tight in these dresses lol.
Also thinking of using the sunbed so im nice and tanned for them lol.
Im such a dreamer lol im always thinking 6 months down the line not now.Which is why its taken me so long to go on a diet lol

How about you?
Vicky your doing the diet NOW so you can think down the line and 12/14 is defo in your reach i weighed in last night and am 17.3 and I want to get to 12 first and then 10stones and I also want to take a holiday by September I too am dreaming of the clothes ill be able to wear and how i'll look and the way i wont have to wear clothes that fit but clothes that i like and for my age group I just said to myself how much do I want this and am I willing to do what it takes and the answer was yes yes yes why wouldnt I want to be health and happy and thin or atleast normal! do me a favour though dont do the sun beds hello woman it'll make you saggie and old looking no point being a size 12 when you boobs are around your ankles! hehe do what I do and fake it I wear fake tan all of the time not wearing it would be like going out with no clothes on! its something noone needs to see!


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I tryed fake tan once and it turned out really bad.When i loose a couple of stone i might book myself into a spray tan.My cousin had it done for her wedding and looked so natural.
Take it you was born in 85?
I know what you mean about the clothes i feel like im 37 not 27 when i dress up lol
Do you have FB?

Excuse my ignorance but FB????

you cant go wrong with St tropez you just cant mess it up any streaks wash away!

yeah im 22! I feel like a granny too my CDC said to me yesterday someone beautiful as you wearing a frumpy jumper i could have cried.


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Sorry Facebook,its addictive.
Oh that bad what she said,i always get your so pretty if only you weighed 9 stone :( lol

yeah im the same god imagine when we are we'll have to get big sticks to beat them all off us! roll on the stick! and no i dont actually have facebook and we have bebo here and i dont have one of those either i really must get one everyone seems to be on the im like super not cool!
Can i just add - I got love for you if you were born in the 80s!!!

I'm an 85 baby too - we rule.

I'm losing weight to dress younger :D
WHEN you get skinny x


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You should get FB,its really good lol all my old school friends and even a 2 exs are on there,i cant wait to post skinny photos of me on there lol

Just got paid!! So thinking about going to buy my dream birthday dress tonight - a gorgeous bandage body con dress from topshop in a bright pink! Maybe in a size 10.. I have a month.. I hope I can do it.

At least it'll give the inspiration not to cheat!!