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Has any one Plateaued in thier weight loss

Guys i am really strugglin at the min :sigh:

I am sticking to the plan 100% and i have only lost 4.5 lb this month, i know its still comin off but this is the pattern

Week 1 +0.5lb
Week 2 Maintain
Weeks 3 -3.5lb
Week 4 -0.5lb

and i had been doin at least a steady 2lb per week....:confused:

The ONLY thing that is different now is that i am on the mini pill and have been for the last 7 weeks ( been doin the diet for 19 weeks now) and i dont know if its got anythin to do with it but its since then that my weight loss has slowed down :(
I have phoned the family planning clinic and they said the pill doesnt make u put weight on it just makes u hungry:confused:....... BUT u could be holdin water !!

Now i dont know if i have plateaued cause of the pill and changes to my body or if i need to try somethin different??

I do 4 excercise classes a week AND do a 5k run every weekend!! so i cant phisically do anymore

Has anyone had this or a similar problem any help would be greatly appreciated as i am seriously fed of up givin 110% and not gettin the loss i need......
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the pill is probably enough by itself to make you stick. if i were you i would completely shake up the food you eat for a week and see how you get on. have different healthy extra Bs every day and eat completely different free foods... it might give you a good 7-day shunt... ive heard that works for a lot of people. good luck with whatever you do... i know its frustrating as my sister is the same as you... works out a lot but would get stuck on sw for weeks at a time. mixing it up worked for her and lots of others. xxx
Thanks Karen, i have just done my shop for this week and have bought nothin that i usually buy xx guna have cereal instead of a cooked brekkie every mornin and i have bought no pasta or rice just potatoes.....heres to a VERY different but hopefully sucessful S/W week :)

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