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Has anybody tried WW?

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
I am seriously thinking of giving WW a go, Every time I have a Green day with SW, I suffer really badly, if anyone has tried WW in the past I would be really greatful, if you can tell me your views on it:)

The other day on one of the threads somebody said they loved lemon curd, I can't find the thread and don't know who it was so I'll put this here....

Lemon Curd – Syn free
3 Heaped Dessert Spoons of Canderel
Grated Rind & Juice of 1 Lemon
2 Large Eggs
2 oz Very Low Fat Fromage Frais
Place the grated lemon rind and Canderel into a bowl.
In another bowl, whisk the lemon juice and eggs together, then pour the mixture over the Canderel.
Place the bowl over a pan of barely simmering water, stirring frequently until thickened. Add the Fromage Frais, whisking until smooth.
Keeps for about 5 days in the fridge.

in the hope who ever it was reads this x
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s is my second go at slimming world the first time i lost nearly 3 stone and so far up to now 19 1/2 lb. in between i did weight watchers i was doing it for about 8 months only lost just over a stone . on slim world lost 8lb the first week the first time i joined . because its based on points i found i had used most of them up by dinner i spent most of the time starving, also fruit is points so you would go for say crisps rather than an apple ,i was also eating a lot of ready meals /processed food, i do know people who prefer it me personally no wouldnt do it again although my daughter would, personaly think the bigger you are the more of a problem it is if you dont eat much your ok lol hope this helps , but give it a try and see if it works for you if still not sure xx good luck
Is lemon curd syn free? I tried WW and it was very restrictive for me, I hate having to count points for fruit and spuds. I find it confusing that a few pieces of fruit has the same points as a milkyway, ask a overweight person who has a problem with food (me) which they would rather and they will go for the chocolate. I didnt find it worked as well for me as SW did the last time and hopefully this time cause I aint givin up till im able to wear a bikini to work lol

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Thanks ever so much to you all for the info, my mate swears by WW, I really like the SW plan but Green days are dreadful, I am still suffering now with stomach cramps, and I last ate 6 hours ago. :-(

As far as i can see the lemon curd is free?


Im just me!
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im curriently doing ww and finding things all ok,i have done this so many times but its me that failes not the diet!!!:D
Hiya Nan's,
Whats happening hun when you have a green day sweety?

Ive done WW and had good results but when they lowered my points i lost it ! i was hungry all the time and it just eneded in me having a total binge out, but saying that its a excellent diet and starlight is right. It doesnt work for alot of people like wise SW.

Give it a go hun........then you can tell us what ya think ;)

Hope your ok though hun
Ruthy xxxx
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I did ww for years and that is how I lost my initial 2 stone (and have kept it off) but got bored with it and prefer sw now, but it works! The ww site also has a great forum with loads of busy boards to post to to get advice and points etc. I found it such great help

If you are used to sw ww might take a little getting used to but it's a sound diet and does work.

Good luck honey!

Force Ten

Serial Dieter
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I did WW but like others, found I was constantly hungry as I seemed to have used up my points allowance by mid-afternoon. I didn't get any encouragement from the leader - unlike SW - and generally found the experience a bit depressing. But everyone is different! I'm really enjoying SW so far and haven't been hungry once. Also I only do Green days as I've never eaten a huge amount of meat so not really bothered about the Original days.

I suppose the test will come when I go away at the beginning of May to Cornwall for someone's 50th birthday celebrations and it will be difficult to stick to Green days all the time - especially with the amount of wine that I know will get drunk lol :D

The only advice I can give is to give WW a try and see how you get on. If it suits you, then go for it :)

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Thanks very much to all of you for the info:flowers:I have decided that because i don't really have a lot more weight to lose, I am going to join the new challenges for May, and really try my hardest to shift the majority of it! will also try to steer clear of Green days:cry: especially around * weeks!
Hiya Nan's,
Whats happening hun when you have a green day sweety?

:sick0019: Ruthy you don't want to know chix, but I can tell you, yesterday was painful, Ouch!


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Hi Jax

I've previously done WW and lost 2 stone with them. I did put most it it back on, but it was my fault, in between losing two babies and letting myself go!

I found I lost the weight faster with them. I've been thinking about going back to WW for a couple of weeks and have now decided that I am going.

So, I'm leaving SW and joining WW tomorrow as I've lost interest with SW. I think it's probably got a lot to do with a rubbish SWC. She's so unsupportive and really doesn't set a very good example herself. Not being funny but I thought counsellors were supposed to demonstrate that the diet actually works! Can you believe that she actually put 5 and a half pounds on in a week (and no she hadn't been on holiday!!) - how's that setting an example to all those paying their money for support, inspiration and motivation every week?!!!

Anyways, I'm off to a WW meeting tomorrow morning, so wish me luck! Just hope to lose the weight slightly quicker than I have been doing! It's worked so well for me in the past. I didn't find it restrictive and wasn't hungry on it either.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.

Annette x

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Awwww, Annette thank you so much for all that info sweetheart, make sure you come back and see us regularly won't you? the girls on the WW forum seem really nice, and Starlight is great, I pop over there myself every now and then (day) to see if They've got any ideas better than us:giggle:I'll be sad to see you go:cry: but you know whats best for yourself, i am going to give SW another month and who knows, I might even be joining you after that, take care of yourself till we speak again, lots of love Jax x:wave_cry:


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Thanks Jax. You're an absolute star on this forum. You always full of excellent advice, tips and shopping information!!

Good luck with SW. You've done really well so far - you're over half way there now - not much further to go and you'll be there!

Take care and happy dancing with your Playstation!

Annette xxx


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S: 11st12lb C: 11st12lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Jax - I need the 'be good vibes' - I've certainly not been good the past couple of days. I was going to try WW on my own, but I've failed miserably the past day or so. I think I need the motivation and support you get from going to the meetings - my willpower is very low at the mo!

Annette x
Hey nan's
Ive started to get like that, thought it was just my ass playing up pmsl.
But on green days i try to eat a whole bag of satsumas throughout the day and boy there is movement all day ;)


Ruthy xxx

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