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Has anyone come off LT just for an 'occasion'?


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I have decided that I'm going to go for it- I'm going to try this 'miracle' diet. ;)
My dilemma is I have a wedding in 6wks, and another 10wks after that (by which I'd hope to be at target?). I thought I'd have to re-feed for a whole week to get my system back to 'normal' to allow myself to eat/drink at the wedding, but I've noticed some of you only 're-feed' for a few days before an occasion and re-start LT immediately (which I planned to do?). Has anyone done this- for a birthday, weekend away, wedding etc? Do I have to 'waste' a whole week to allow myself to have one day off? :confused:
I know some of you will say- don't do it, stick to the diet- it's only one day, but its a family wedding and it'll be extremely difficult to avoid/abstain from food & drink the whole day? Plus- I don't go out that often- so I want to relax & enjoy it? Please don't give out to me for that? :wave_cry: Has anyone any words of wisdom or advice as to how best go about it?
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I may get shouted down here but one of my friends who has lost 3 stone in 9 weeks spoke to me about it yesterday. She has came off lt 4 times and stuck to fish and salad and just got back on it again.

Me personally, I'm not sure I could just get back on it so will be trying as long as possible to stick to it 100%


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I have the same dilemma, I would like to come off in 10 weeks for a week away but am worried about getting back on also. I plan to start the re-feed wednesday then go away friday to friday, then back on the saturday after I return but know that will mean coming out of ketosis I think ill see how I feel at the time. Be interested to see how people have coped with coming off and going back on.


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Thats my dilemma- it's 'only' for one day? So I figured I'd maybe only need to have food for a few days before instead of a week so I don't have any adverse reaction to the alcohol? But I want to be sure- I don't want to collapse at the wedding- the Bride would never forgive me! LOL!
cruiksl- If I'd lost 3stone in 9wks & still 'cheated' I'd be thrilled!! I have about 3 stone to lose so if I do start now I'd hopefully be well on my way in 4-5wks?
mummyem- so you're only going to re-feed for 2days before going? I'd say that would be okay though (though please feel free to correct me anyone!) as you'll be eating sensibly for a whole week? I'll be eating (hopefully) sensibly for one day, but its the drinking thing thats scaring me a bit?
If you do the break for the wedding as your refeed, and do not damage yourself with cake or alchohol, you will be able to resume. I think it is a testament to our perseverance to try to avoid the food and the habits in a public setting which got us into obesity to begin with. remember, one of lipotrims goals is to turn off the obsession with food so we can rething our personal attachment to eating. Clearly food is a pacifier and ised as a drug for most of us, as sugars and carbs can give us a dopamine buzz, so the mental state of mind of wishing for that lovely pizza, cake whatever floats your boat is just a need for the sugar induced dopamone buzz. Amd remember flour converts to sugars and stores in the body, so stay away from bread and if you really need a sweet treat, have some fruit. After LT it will taste like heaven anyway, and you wont have the physical symptoms of the sugar buzz and the massive water weight gain from carb loading, adding to the difficulty of resuming LT and reentering Ketosis, which is difficult after a break.
My return to LT after carb loading on pizza cakes and burgers caused me to bloat up 2 stone in a fortnight, I felt awful and resuming took neary a week for ketosis to kick in, making it a very uncomfortable first week for me. I would not want anyone to have to endure what I am going through, so again rethink your relationship with food, why you eat and why you really physiologically crave what you do and then go for a walk to clear your mind and boost your endorphins!


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Well, maybe my situation is a little different. I have an underactive thyroid, and have been under the care/supervision of a dietician for over 6mths trying to lose the weight. I have been eating fresh, healthy foods, and no more than 1500cals a day for the last 9mths or so- and havne't lost a single lb. I have weighed out & logged every bite that has gone in my mouth during that time. The 'experts' are at a loss as to why I'm not losing, as my daily 'burn' far outweighs my daily intake. I rarely eat 'white' foods, and most/all my carb intake is from fresh veg. I exercise for 40mins at least 4-5 times a week. LT is a kind of last resort for me? If it can shift the weight- then eating a 'normal' diet to maintain will be easy for me to get back to.
Hey - firstly well done IrishMum for deciding to give it a go - I know you will get lots of encouragement and support!

A lot of people will say that you shouldn't take a 'day off', and that is the best advice, but my job does involve me having to go for lunches and dinners, which sometimes I just can't get out of. Also, I've had to go to a late Christmas do and a 40th meal out. As I haven't wanted to let people know I'm on this diet or be the main subject of conversation, I've gone to the 'do', ate reasonably, enjoyed myself, and then gone straight back to the diet the next day. It hasn't been as hard as I thought, and I haven't been able to eat as much as before (a good thing), and I've still lost weight - maybe only 2/3lbs that week, but I've still done it. Just be sensible and focused and you should be ok BUT don't think you can do it every week because you'll get into bad habits!!! Good luck!


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Sorry didn't pick up about the drinking but might be an idea to give that a miss !


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As I haven't wanted to let people know I'm on this diet or be the main subject of conversation, I've gone to the 'do', ate reasonably, enjoyed myself, and then gone straight back to the diet the next day. It hasn't been as hard as I thought, and I haven't been able to eat as much as before (a good thing), and I've still lost weight - maybe only 2/3lbs that week, but I've still done it.
So you've just eaten then re-started immediately and all was okay? (you still lost 2-3lbs, thats amazing!)- I can totally relate to you- I don't want everyone to know I'm on it, and I don't want to be the talk of the place either if I pulled out a shaker!! LOL!
What was worrying me mainly, especially after the experiences of some on here, was the effects of alcohol after being in ketosis for so long? I imagine I would HAVE to eat for a few days before so I didn't collapse after a few beers?
Don't get me wrong- I'm not looking for an excuse to eat- I just don't want to harm my progress or health if at all possible? So the least amount of days I'd have to eat to 'get myself ready' would be great.
I'd sort of resigned myself to a 'lost' week in the middle of my LT experience, but I was kind of hopeful after reading some stories that I'd only have to 'lose' a few days and re-start immediately the next day?


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ok so, one question why do you want to hide this diet?

It is nothing to be ashamed of!!! You are doing something about your weight, taking a step in the right direction and shouldnt ever hide something like that. People who question you or make comments are probably just jealous that one day you will be thinner than them!

My personal opinion is not to have a 'day off'. After all, this diet is not only about losing weight and getting healthy but retraining our brains and cleansing our palette so we can cope in social situations where all the foods that got us to this place are laid out infront of us.

Think about it really, do you honestly need to eat at this wedding? Why would people question what you are doing - if anything they should be praising you.

But that being said, if you really and honestly want to have a day off - avoid carbs like they are a disease! I wouldnt reccomend drinking alcohol either.

After all - food and drink will always be there and will be there once you have finished your LT journey :)


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If I was coming off the diet I would refeed properly for a week to ensure as little water and glycogen stores go back on as possible!!!


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Thanks for that Chellywelly. So you think I would need the whole week just for one day?

Summergurl- I kind of expected that- It's a personal thing- I don't want anyone to know because I'm quite a private person, and telling people would make me the centre of attention for reasons I'd rather not be. In a lot of situations, meal replacements diets are still regarded as faddy, and useless as when you start eating again the weight usually piles back on- some people will never change their minds about them so I'd rather not endure their judgements. I'm not ashamed, I've tried everything else except surgery. It took a lot of soul searching to even tell my Hubby I wanted to try this diet as he too thinks it's mad to cut out food altogether, but is willing to see how it goes for a few weeks? I wanted to go it totally alone.

The upshot is- I want to eat and drink at this wedding. I don't want to be the 'odd-one-out'. I've put too much of my life on hold because of my weight, that when a one-off occasion happens I want to enjoy it like a 'normal' person? But I want to do it in a way that won't harm my health. If that means not starting it at all until after, then so be it. But some LT-ers have said 'Why wait- you could be half-way to goal by then?'- which is why I posted my original query- which was how long do I NEED to re-feed for before an occasion so I don't do myself any harm?


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Yep thats true - some people have stopped for a one off and still managed to lose.

If you just want food then i would suggest maybe having a shake for breakfast and lunch then having a sensible meal and not worry about refeeding.

But, if you are planning of drinking alcohol i would atleast refeed healthily for a few days before as alcohol and ketosis dont mix very well!

I think aslong as you eat the right foods and eat healthily whilst on refeed you shouldnt have a problem restarting. Its the dreaded carbs that cause the problems! lol


I will be skinny again!!!

That is what I would do personnally, but as you said you dont want to waste a whole week.. it is really up too you.. most people do just go off for one day and then back on it again...But often end up with bad stomach ache...

If your going to be drinking I would definatly refeed for a week and make sure you have a few carbs to knock you out of ketosis as drinking whilst in it is very dangerous... Kirsty ended up in hospital and her body was shutting down because of it...


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Thats what I was hoping? I haven't looked into re-feeding too much, but if I had the morning/lunch shake and a light evening meal would that be enough for a few days? Maybe I shoudl ask the pharmacist as well? I don't know how good he is yet though so thought I'd ask you 'experts' first! LOL!
I don't know how it all works, but I've just gone out for the meal, then gone straight back on the plan, and have been fine. I didn't feel at all sick, but my main feeling was GUILT that I'd let myself down. Although I can manage any social situation and not eat/drink, for work things I can't get out of it because it's part of my job. It would be fantastic for me if I didn't have to do this, and I've taken quite a few days as holiday so I don't have to attend various functions, but sometimes there are situations we can't get out of, or actually want to go to without drawing attention to ourselves. I think the main thing is to deal with it and then get back to the plan, rather than thinking you've blown it and then eat again.

The reason I've stayed quiet about being on a diet, is because the very few people I've told outside immediate family have immediately started on the 'it's not good for you, it's not healthy' malarky, OR they constantly talk about what I've eaten/not eaten, totally making me focus on food which is something I DON'T want to be doing. I'm fine jogging along, losing weight and feeling healthy without all the added stress of being interrogated! Believe it or not no-one at work has noticed my weight loss, as they see me every day, so it's been quite easy really.


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irishmum - refeed i think does consist of still having your shakes so yes maybe you could have 2 shakes and a meal once a day for a few days. If so be sure to exercise and like someone said if you are going to have alcohol introduce a few carbs into your meals :)
hey i came off LT for my 21st birthday weekend lastweek. I ate and drank woteva i wanted to, came totally off LT fom friday to monday then went straight bk on the full programme n i only put on 2lb! been very hard getting bk on though!!
I reckon coming off it for a day or 2 will
a). Make it very hard to get back on
b). Increase your time on this diet by up to 2 weeks if you take in how long it will take to get back into Ketosis.

I'm going to Edinburgh this weekend with a friend of mine. We would usually go mad and have a big p*ss up.. Been too-ing and frowing about if I should come off it for 2 days but think its best I dont.
hi, i am coming off the diet on friday to re-feed before i go to france for a weeks holiday the following wednesday, i still have about 2 1/2 stone to lose, i will try to eat carefully while away and hopefully get straight back into it when i come home, others who have done this say its difficult to re start, will just have to wait and see.

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