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Has anyone else ever heard of this happening?


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Inspired by my weightloss, my mate decided to try CD. She has been on it a week and a half now, her weigh in was last Friday and her first week weightloss is 3.75lbs. She was really disappointed and her CDC was a bit stumped too.

I suggested that maybe she was due on and it was water retention, but she said her period isn't due till end of July. She says she hasn't cheated at all, but feels that the diet is hardly worth it as she lost more in her first week doing Slimming World.

I told her to stick with it and the weightloss will probably happen this week, she is doing that, but she is sounding a bit pessimistic - saying that she will drop out this friday if she doesn't get a decent weightloss. I pointed out that she would have to be a scientific oddity to not lose much weight again, since the results are guaranteed and not eating for two weeks, means she would have to lose weight!!! But she just keeps saying "well, we'll see".

Has anyone else experienced poor weightloss in their first 1 or 2 weeks of 100% SS'ing? Or can anyone think of reasons for it, besides water retention or having drank water prior to weight in?? :confused:

Her BMI at the beginning was 34
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the only reason i could think of would be water retention, i never drank water for an hour before my weigh ins and always made sure i went the loo before as well, also i preferred to weigh in the morning rather than later

sorry couldnt be more help but cant think of any other reason especially if its not totm
sorry to say it but unless you were with her 100% of the time 24/7 , she could of cheated and maybe shes to embarssed (sp?) to tell you and cdc
i cant belive it my self but thats my take on it
even if she had drunk 2 liters it wouldnt weigh that much
oh well lets see what she weighs next week
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Hiya Punkass,

I have heard of people having 'slower weightloss's', when they have stuck to it 100%. I know of someone who actually put on weight on their first weigh in and had not cheated at all, they went on to lose 7stones :D

Somone posted a message to icemoose a while ago, saying that she had lost a pound, i think it was, or may not have lost anything in her first week, cant remember exactly lol but she went on to lose loads too - so in answer to your question 'Yes' it can happen....

If your friend lost 3 and a half pound over the next 3 weeks that would average out to the stone a Month promised when on a vlcd.... hopefuly you can encourage her to look at the total amount over a month than a couple of weeks...

Good luck!


I've had it happen with a few people who were already low carbing before they started the diet (and I've also seen it happen where the cause is water retention, and there's been a big loss in the second week). She needs to remember that 3.75 pounds is still a great loss, even though she was hoping for more. The big loss in the first week is only because of glycogen and water - you still lose just as much fat as on any other week*, so if she followed the diet to the letter she'll have lost exactly as much fat as she would have done if she'd lost 10lb in weight - maybe suggest to her that surely the fat loss, not the overall weight loss, is what's important?

*edited to add: you actually lose slightly more because your metabolism is still behaving as if you were eating normally.

Edited again: sorry about all the edits. Wanted to add that constipation can throw your weigh in results out too.


I'm on LL - just poped in to the CD forum for a change. In my group, one woman lost only 3lbs each week for the first 4 weeks. She was devastated as the rest of us were losing more. But, like your friend, only had 3 stone or so to lose. In the 5th weeks she suddenly lost 6lbs and was absolutely delighted.

My point is twofold: (a) we are all different and our bodies sometimes don't do what we expect; and (b) the cumulative loss is most important than 1 week's worth. She may ahve been able to lose more than 3.75 lbs in the SW first week, but would she keep it at that level? Those diets quickly tail off to a lb here or there.


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Thanks for all the help guys, I will pass this on to her and hopefully motivate her to continue. I did point out to her that when she has done SW in the past she has never stuck to it for longer than 4 weeks before cheating... At least with CD you know where you are, you're not allowed to eat anything, so you can't say "Oh i'll just have a little more" which is what shes always done in the past....

It did occur to me that maybe she had cheated and not admitted it,but I think she would have done by now, as I had been trying to think of ideas as to the slow loss, feel sure she would have admitted it in the end. She hasn't mentioned any toilet horror stories yet - I had told her what to expect, so there is apossibility of constipation - will mention that to her - although shes not quite as open as me to discussing bodily functions lol!

Will try and convince her to stick with it for a month minimum and go by the clothes sizes rather than weight... I was down a dress size in two weeks, she has said that she feels like she has lost some. Its just she isn't a highly motivated person and I think she is looking for excuses to say it failed and give up... I was so proud of her for finally deciding to do it..... shes been saying she would since last year, but kept talking herself out of it

thanks for all the suggestions
I have been on 790 for the past 17 days and so far have only lost 6lbs. 4lbs in the first week and 2lb in the next (which was on day 10) now seven days later and I have not only stayed the same weight and haven't had a loss, but I gained a quarter of a pound. :confused: To say I am frustrated and baffled is an understatement. I have no period due, am not constipated, and I have loads still to lose. So yes poor weight loss is definitely possible as I am living proof :cry:
I was a slow loser, I did s/s to the letter and only lost 3lb for the first few weeks infact my biggest loss was only ever 4lb. Like your friend I was gutted as I expected so much more, I didnt give up though because it was still more than on any other diet.


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I must admit I am very scared for my first weigh in. I keep thinking i am going to have a small weight loss also. It seems some people have such nice losses ,but with my luck i will be one of those small losses and it is very discouraging. because i am sticking to ss to the t, Well lets hope her second weigh in is better keep us posted