Has anyone found a way to overcome stress ????? helllllp

HI , well what a terrible terrible week I have had diet wise :(

I wont go into detail but I have had one thing after another go wrong this week and have turned to the only thing I know to make me feel better ... food :cry:

I was OK after weigh in on monday and tuesday , then on wednesday I had 3 massive things go wrong .. really stressful things and I turned to my old comfort .. eating ! I ate about 15 biscuits , a fish finger sanwich and 2 bowls of chocolate shreddies :cry:

I was ok on thurs .. apart from picking at 1 small chocolate , but then friday , to top everything off .. my new job 'forgot ' to pay me , so I havent had any money since my last pay day on 22nd dec , and again the only comfort I knew how to get was from food , so again biscuits and shreddies !!!

so basically I need to find another way to deal with problems ..... as the main bulk of my problems are financial .. shopping is not an option , so what can I do ????? I really want a treadmill so I can pound out my frustration , but again , just dont have the money at the moment ... I am going to try and join the gym but its hard to go with the kids as hubby doesnt get home from work till late ....

what do you all do ???

I have weigh in in the morning , and my scales are showing about 5-6 lb gain :cry:
I also seem to sabotage myself whenever I am about to get into the next stone bracket .. I did the same when I wass 13,2 and 12, 2 and last week I was 11,2 so would have been in the 10s this week if I had stuck 100 % ... arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggg my CDC is going to give me the disappointed look .. ( although I have warned her ) ... but then I guess it will be off again next week if I can get back on track .... I am just so close but seems impossible to get there ....

rant over :cry::cry:
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awww! what a shame when your doing so well! i guess what i do (though i guess this is to overcome boredom more than stress so might be of no use to you or might help?)

read a magazine- 60p or so and you can read slowly for an hour about other people (celebrities) and their 'problems'
ring up a friend!
come on here, its a great way to help you feel guilty about turning to food
do online wishful thinking or planning a day out for a better dday when you have money and are lighter! be warned, this might make you hopeful or feel upset that you cant do this anytime soon
go for a walk? itl get you some fresh air, some weight loss and help clear your head

thats all i can think of at the mo! hope iv helped in some way :D

sarah-louise x

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Big hugs Katie x For me i deal with anything stressful by putting it into perspective. i think about what ever is stressing me out and ask can i do anything about it, if so what? if not, i dont stress as i cant do anything about it!!!! writing it all down helps too, especially when i have alot of little things to do!! iv spent most of my life taking 2 steps forward and 1 back.....but u get there in the end! u might take the long route to goal but hunnie, u will get there, uv come so far!!! and u r doing amazingly!! i know it sounds really simple but next time u go to eat...STOP... and ask yourself do u really really want it and the guilt after, if no then great, but if yes, maybe go for something less damaging ? u may not get a great result from the scale this week, but its not too late!! ul get to that 10, im sure and not too far from now. chin up and another big hug xx


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What are we like hey?!
Both going through the same rubbish, but both with different emotional reasons

Do you have a wii or kinect you can use/borrow and use that to destress-do some boxing and pretend it's your wages dept!

PM me here or on FB any time hun

Just draw a line under your week after your WI tomorrow

Hope the money thing gets sorted. No wonder you're stressed!!!