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Has anyone got a male consultant


I am thinking of joining a new class tonight I was going to go back to my old class but my lovely consultant has packed it in and besides the class is a wednesday and I prefer Mondays.

This class has a male consultant (nothing wrong with that I don't want to come across as sexist :eek:) just as someone who is a little aware of herself and having been called names by males about my size I am a bit wary and very nervous and making the decision to join that group.

I am probably worrying needlesslly, but this is the best location and time availble that I would consider going to. The other consultant close by is a bit tactile for my liking and likes to give hugs :eek: and kisses for losing weight.

Has anyone any experiences.

Apologies if I have offended anyone it is not my intention :eek:
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I would choose the guy over huggy kissy lady any day!

I wouldn't give it a second thought- he must be a lovely guy if he is a slimming world consultant. Just 'cos some other numpty guys have said things to you about your weight doesn't mean he will- i bet he has been through the SW process himself (in fact, I 100% g'tee he has) and would hazard a guess he may have had things said to him about his weight by women... and yet he is still a consultant. Go along to the more convenient class... it make sense :)


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All consultants have to have been SW members so he'll have been there, done that. Most of the men who have featured in the magazine have gone on to be consultants.
I reckon he'd be a breath of fresh air!

Oh, and surely no consultant should be hugging unless they have known the member for years and are good friends! That's far too familiar.


Thanks for the replies I know you are both right and i'm not really sure what I am worrying about.

Will give him a go :D and report back later.

I know what you mean Jaylou but she was hugging me after my first weeks loss, definitely not my cup of tea.

She must be doing something right though as she has 3 classes running one straight after the other :eek:


well I went he seems ok very efficient lol.

There was someone there from my old group who used to pop in now and again she goes with her 13 year old daughter. I could see them talking about me and saying how much weight I had put on it made me feel a little uncomfortable :( they didn't even try and hide the fact they were discussing me.

TBH I felt like walking out and i'm debating going to the earlier class next week. Don't know why i'm so hard on myself.

Anyway here's to my fresh start tomorrow x


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I'd give it another go my luv. They shouldn't be talking like that about anyone at group. The only conmments heard at mine are about how amazing someone looks. Don't let them spoil it for you & if necesary, mention it to your consultant.

There is a girl who goes to my group who i went to school with - she made my life miserable for a year or so - including a particularly memorable incident when she phoned me up when i was on holiday to tell me my boyf at the time was cheating on me. I am frankly terrified of the day she recognises me - partly cos i am not the scared little girl i once was & if she says one vaguely nasty thing in my hearing i am likely to punch her. For a few weeks after she turned up i had to talk myself into going to group - but then decided that she wasn't going to get to me.


It was so nice to come on and read some positive messages. Thank you so much.

As usual Jaylou you are always there to give that little bit extra support.... thanks for the rep xxx
I'm really annoyed for you! We are all going to sw for the same reason to loose weight - whether we have 1 st to loose or 10!

How dare she make you feel like that people like that say things to boost their own self-esteem! What a cow!

You should go back and if you see her talking again stare her right in the eye shell soon shut up bullies are cowards and don't actually have the balls to confront you!!

(give her a slap from me!! Lol) xx
I quite like the idea of a male consultant. Such a shame about people being *****y though.
My brother is training to be a consultant and I think hes going to be amazing and I will change to his class once he gets started. I prefer male company in general anyway and think it will be a breath of fresh air to have a confident male to stand up in front of a group of ladies and talk about weight loss, it's definetly something we should admire male consultants for.

As for that cow, I would go next week hold my head up high with an excellent weight Loss & ignore her. she sounds very childish and you don't need people like that in your life so don't let her affect how you feel! Plus class Is there for your support and comfort so if she says anything else I would have a quiet word with the consultant :)


Now to maintain.....
don't worry about those people.....good on you for going back i say!!!
its lovely to see you back on here :) and i will be looking out to see how you are getting on xxx


Thanks guys. Yes I could see and hear they were talking about it I didn't hear it word for word but I got the gist of it when I heard her say fat. The daughter turned round and looked at me and I stared straight back at her.

I was sat on the row behind just to her left so I was in full view of them.

Not to worried about it being a man now I was probably being a bit silly and nervous about going back. He seems to have a few new ideas, he has a closed group on FB where we can chat to other members and have contact with him.

I think becuase my other consultant was so great he has a lot to live up to :)

Thanks again


Now to maintain.....
sounds like he is potentially a very good consultant just with that bit to go on...so looks like you lucked out there again hun!!
you'll do it x
I know how you feel. My old group was fine til a group of people I had fallen out with started coming to group. I had been going with mates but they all stopped and I had planned to keep going but once I realised those people I had the fall out were staying to meetings aswell I couldn't bear it and stopped going. I had told myself I would find a different meeting but never did get round to it. I finally thought 'eff it' and started back last week and had put on a stone since I stopped going so I've loads to lose again :( No one is going to stop me this time though, they can say/do what they want and I'm sticking it out!
My "neighbour from hell" joined our group and I was horrified! But I wasn't going to let her presence affect me - sure enough, she fell out with the weighing lady, the consultant, and a couple of other members in the first two weeks, and stopped coming.

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