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Has anyone got hypothyroid disease on CD?

Hey everyone, Hope you've all had a fab weekend in the sun :cool:
Do any of you successful CDers have hypothyroid disease and take meds? I'm also insulin resistant.
I'm on day 5 and had absolutely no weight loss at all. I've had 1 blip involving a popodom and vegetable kori (no pots, lentils or legumes). :whoopass:
I've been drinking at least 3 1/2 litres of water a day and having 3 - 4 shakes per day as CDC said. I've lost 2 stone over a very long 4 years and wanted the final push to make target (1 1/2 stone) I find it extremely difficult to lose weight generally and was wishing this to be the answer to my prayers. Just wondering if anyone can assure me it will work. :psiholog:
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Gone fishing
I do, though I'm not CDing now, but my thyroid level was low throughout my weightloss journey (despite the thyroxine:rolleyes:). Yes, it does come off a bit slower than most, but it should still go...eventually.
im on levothyroxine and believe me the weight will come off


Gone fishing
Oh, I should add, that I assume the weight loss will be the same as anyone else if they manage to stabilise your thyroid levels with medication. It was only that they just couldn't get mine up enough:confused:
karion my levels change all the bloody time last time i did LL & CD had dosage lowered all the time been ok at the mo as dosage is lower anyway
Thanks, I really hope it does work for me. I have to take t3 therapy as well as thyroxine. I'm gonna hit the gym tomorrow see if this will support the cd. I haven't been since starting the diet as CDC said not to but I really think it is needed.
Congrats on your achievements thats fantastic, you must feel great!!

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