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has anyone looked @ the www.seeyourselfslimmer.co.uk website...


Is so very nearly there!
You will get the real one soon Miss!

I aint got to where I want to be yet :/ A long old road ahead still :(


Reached Target. woohoo
What a great idea, a bit of insentive can go a long way, carry on losing weight like you have and that will be you. xxx


Is so very nearly there!
Isnt that so true - I may get one as an incentive to finally get there! x


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
it's quite cool not sure i would pay twenty pound though Laurie but i guess it's a good insentive XXX
wow - im going to get one! xxx
i think its worth it for me. i could never picture in my head what i would look like smaller, its amazing... it's actually been talked about it lots of the newspapers and magazines too!
the website is www.seeyourselfslimmer.co.uk there're lots of b4 and after pic's on there too! i'd definitiely recommend it...im not bein vain but i actually have the pic on my desktop!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i think thats a great thing to do if you see your goal every day iut's gonna be a constant reminder of what your aiming for.
Soon you will really look like that!!!

It is a great incentive and helps motivate you. I used to be slim, then put a lot of weight on. I pinned an old picture of me up in my office to remind how I could look again if I stuck to the diet, that along with the before pictures on the fridge reminding me of the alternative(!!!) really helped me get to target.

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing your real pictures as you get smaller!!

Carol x
aaahhh thanks, i think thats my problem i dont have any pictures of me slim lol.
i have a few of me smaller but not the weight i want to be!
i printed out a few copies and stuck them around the house its weird seeing my face my clothes on a smaller body lol.

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