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Has anyone lost 5/6 stone???


I will do this!!!
Hmmm... I haven't yet but my goal is to have lost 6st 2lb in the end.

I doubt it's any help but I hit the 3st mark and over last week and I'd been on LT 10 weeks by then


I will do this!!!
cheers. Just arranging a big night out and want to roughly know when to do it. I hate to arrange it then not go coz im still on LT


escaping the fat
I did CD last year and lost 5 stone in 4 months, but everyone loses at a different rate. It depends on starting weight and other factors. The general rule on vlcd is a stone a month.


I will do this!!!
yeah think ill just have to wait and see how im doing at christmas


Eloquent hooligan
I've lost 5 stone in 18 weeks (so far) :D It's deffo do-able :) x


I will do this!!!
wow there both great losses well done! i really hope i can come off at christmas fingers crossed
We will all keep our fingers crossed for you


I will do this!!!
thank you :)
i did ;-P
Wow great weight loss fattothin. I am 19st myself and want to get to 13st by March 14th [going to India for 10days].
Fattothin, any advice on how to beat those incredibly hunger pangs early on. I have 4 young kids and I find any stress around them and I wanna eat and eat.

But remain optimistic though blew it today.
i have been doing it for 14 weeks and lost 4 and a half still have another 2 weeks on tfr so who knows maybe i will hit the 5st
I think it depends on how much you have to lose.

its not a fair reflection to think you are not loseing it as fast as others. look at you average weight lose and then run that average against the weeks to see when you should be around your goal.
I'd lost 5 stone by week 15 but it has definitely slowed to about a stone a month and it took me another 4 weeks to lose the 6th stone.

After the first month I'd work on a stone a month and go from there. I have about another 2 1/2 stone to go and suspect it will take me till December to do that as my losses have slowed down and I lose 12 - 15lb every 4 weeks.

Good luck hun.

It's always taken me on average about a month to lose each stone with an average weekly loss of 3 lbs... now to me that's more than quick enough :D