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Has anyone noticed just how much food there is on the TV!!!

If its not that new M&S advert for the delicious looking stir fry offer there doing its Phil on This Morning cooking crunchy chicken bites and blueberry cakes!!
Im not hungry but old habits die hard and i just want to eat them all!!
I find myself constantly channel flicking.

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I was saying that to my sister at the weekend. Everywhere to go foods is there. Meeting up with friends, watching TV (all that is on at the mo, is Come Dine with Me, or Hell's Kitchen etc). I'm becoming immune to the adverts now.


Here we go again!
You do get used to it though. Being on LT made me realise just how much every situation revolves around food. It is everywhere and we just have to get used to it I'm afraid. I didn't realise just how much food is everywhere either.
i think the most annoying thing is that the food im wanting to eat is healthy salads, veg, fruit, stir frys etc but i know if i decided to eat health rather than do LT i would fall back to my old ways so quickly and probably end up putting even more weigh on... in some ways i have to tell myself this is my punishment for eating so much rubbish in the past and that kinda works for me :)
haha this is something I've noticed since starting too!! food is everywhere.. billboards for McDonalds, adverts on telly, even on my favourite soaps there's always a scene of families at the dinner table or eatin a fry up in the local cafe lol!! its really hard work. I've kinda become obsessed with food though - looking at it, smelling it.. just not eating it!! is this normal?!?
I watch every food programme on TV, I'm obsessed!!! Well folks, this re-feeding and then maintenance is the real test of my determination to eat small and healthy from now onwards.....GULP!


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I sky plus everything, therefore I run through the ads and they don't register with me at all.
LMAOOOOOO yeaaaaaa i was saying exactly the same thing with jojo that everyday things ,tv adverts,ppl on about what they are doing for tea, food stalls at carboot sales there is no escaping it its every where the world revolves around food and you dont relise it to you dont have food. its no wonder ppl are the way that they are with food when it constantly being thrown down ya neck so doing this diet will make you strong enough just to say NO im not hungry ....thank the doc for lipotrim thats what i say lol xxx

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