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Has anyone tried green tea ?

Sounds interesting :) x
Is it the plain green tea or flavoured one ? Im not sure which would be the best. Any ideas ?


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I drink a tea called Slim Detox by Dr Stuart, got it in Tesco for about £4, its got herbs in it that are supposed to help suppress appetite, not sure it works really as it might just be a placebo effect, but I'm quite into it now and feel less hungry and my losses have been steady xxxx
I've been drinking flavoured green teas for a couple of weeks now but cant say I've noticed its affected my losses at all (had 1 1/2lb loss and a STS since I've been on the green tea - had a posh meal out on the STS week).

I will keep drinking them though - I like them, and it frees up some milk allowance to use on other HEA choices.

At work I have a pack of Twinings mixed flavours - 25 bags with cranberry, citrus, pineapple & grapefruit, apple & pear and orange & lotus flower - quite good to get a variety of flavours and decide which you like best. At home I have green tea with peppermint.

I don't have any standard green tea, I generally prefer the flavoured ones. I take it without milk or sweetner (but I dont sweeten my regular tea anyway)
I can't say that I took to it - of course it maybe an acquired taste. I'm such a teapot though and can't go for long without my tetley/PG tips!


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I was always a big "normal" tea drinker but a few months ago I switched to drinking mainly green tea with mint. I drink the Liptons brand. I don't think it's had an affect on my weightloss other than as someone else pointed out, frees up more of my HexA for cheese :D
Hi, Green tea with lemon is lovely ( PG tips even do a box)it can get a bit of getting used to - but worth it, it is refreshing. Not sure that it helps weight loss, does seem to make me go for a wee a bit more tho..


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Jayner don't do it you'll hate them knowing how u have ur tea!!! Come visit n I'll make u a nice cup. I drink Clipper green tea with ginseng and raspberry tho with a sweetener its lush xxx


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green tea with lemon is lovely!! also using tetley here.....got myself some plain green tea ones too and they are ok.
Thanks for the tips. I have got some green tea with cranberry so will see how it goes. Peachy I will have to come and have a cuppa from you as you know exactly how i like it :D x
I love green tea! my fave is twinings! the orange and lotus flower is amazing!! so is the pear one!! i have bout 12 diff types in my cupboard!

*runs to get green tea as complete forgot it was there!*
Hi, I drink Green tea. Its Tick Tock Rooibos Green tea. U don't need milk or sweetner and as it is quite mild you can leave the teabag in the entire time. I have tried others and they are alittle bitter or something. Give it a go. LA
I have morrisons green tea with mint, and it's really refreshing. In fact I don't drink 'normal' tea anymore, which frees up my HEA for cheese if i want it..lol I didn't buy it for the weight loss though, I got it for something different and liked it.

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