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Has anyone tried the choc & raisin bars??

Koool. Not tried this one. But i have come off the bar as my llc said it can slow down the weight, so im trying everything in my power to lose more than 1 or 2lb a week.
CAREFUL PEOPLE - these bars should NOT be given out except in RTM.....it's very naughty that they have been....they are higher in carbs, sugar, fat and calories.....I'd avoid them myself if I were still iin Development.

Personally, I find them a bit sickly and too "fluffy".
I guess if it hinders your weight loss then they are really not worth it but I've got 3 for this week and I'm going to give them a try because there is very little in the foodpacks that I do like.

If I don't loose as much then I'll not have them again.

Our LLC had them on the table last night,but they were for the RTM group after us!
We were allowed to try the tomato soup!
Oh well, something to look forward to...........!:party0051:
My LLC said we can have them from the start of week 2, though from what you've said BL I thikn I might just give them a miss - for the difference of 1 or 2lbs a week, I can make do without!
I'm pretty sure they're only allowed on management.
I've experimented to see if it makes a difference to my weight loss by having weeks with no bars but it made no difference at all!
I'm sure your LLC isn't supposed to be offering the raising and choc bars until your in management. Best to check so it doesn't affect progress x
See, thats the only thing about LL that annoys me - the inconsistancy among the LLCs.

Raisins are not allowed, even in RTM, until week 7 or 8 I think. And only a small amount! And chocolate is not allowed until the final week!!!

If they are place in RTM at such late stages - why would an LLC encourage someone on abstainance to have these?? Sweetrs and carbs cause cravings for more sweets and carbs.....just seems a slippery slope if you ask me - but thats just me! :)

Makes no sense to me.

(I tried my second one, and liked it more then the first - it was just I think a bit of a shock to taste something so sweet - I wasn;t prepared. I still think I prefer the Peanut though)

Good luck all!
Having re-read this thread, I think I mislead a little with my post - my LLC isn't offering Choc+Raisan bars, only Lemon and 1 other (dunno what but know it's not choc).

Still, I've decided that I'm sticking clear of them anyway.
If I want something to chew, I'll go make a muffin or something.
Just a quick update on the bars, I have decided not to continue with them. They taste like a normal naughty treat and are making me crave other foods so for anyone disappointed they can't have them, don't be!

I'm pleased I tried them but will wait for management.
No bars for me

I've stuck to the shakes and soups all the way through.:coffee:

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