Has anyone watched the film 'JUNO'......you must, it's a brilliant film.


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We watched this film last night and didn't expect to enjoy it really as it is about a pregnant 16 year old American girl.....

But, my word it was really good, so funny, sad and poignant all wrapped up in one film, and NO 'F' words......

If you want to watch a 'feel good' film on a cold Winter's evening - watch this film.

I won't tell you what happens because it will spoil the story, but I Betcha you love it just like we did.....

(It's being shown on one of the SKY Movie Channels this month)
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I love this film and the sound track is fab too :)


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I LURRVED that film Donnie!! Ellen Page is such a brilliant actress! Have you seen Hard Candy?! OMG if you haven't you have to! She is amazing in it! Quite heavy stuff though! Not light entertainment like Juno is!!!X


Slow but sure....
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I'm so sorry Moderator's I put this in the wrong thread forum .....so I have posted it in the off topic thread too, sorry.


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am i the only one who was dissapointed by this film? id heard so much hype before i went to see it when it came out but i felt id seen the best funny bits in teh adverts, it didnt make me laugh out loud or uncontrollably like i thought it would.. and good film yes, .. great i dont know?



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I loved it!!

Another brilliant film (IMHO) is Little Miss Sunshine. I watched it on DVD not long after I'd had my gall bladder out - oh the pain!!!


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I've seen and thoroughly enjoy both Juno and Little Miss Sunshine. I saw Juno twice at the cinema and have seen it a further few times since. LMS is fantastic :D