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Has anyone....

I went to WW after finisihing management and have never been in such a soul destroying room in my life!

With LL I've made friends and felt supported throughout. When I went to WW, nobody talked to anyone else, it was all about how much alcohol you could get away with drinking and staying within your points. The weight losses were pitiful and it was just AWFUL!

I've done WW before LL (along with every other diet under the sun!) and lost three stone. However, I found the meetings weren't useful at all and stopped going.

With LL the group is a key to success I think (along with sticking to the programme). You get the chance to talk to everyone else and get to the bottom of your weight problems.

My LLC runs a group for people who are at goal or may be struggling a bit and want to go back onto packs for a week or two. I go every two weeks and get weighed. It's great to talk to people about the challenges we face as 'maintainers'.

As a programme, if you're talking about using WW as an alternative to RTM, I woudn't recommend it as you can eat pretty much anything and management has been developed to introduce food groups gradually to prevent weight gain.

Plus, going from a supportive LL group to a WW group where nobody even acknowledges each other (maybe I was just unlucky?) it was a real shock and made me realise that LL is the one for me!!


nearly there!! :)
i gave up rtm after 6 weeks, my oh had lost his job and because im only a student we couldnt afford for me to keep up ll and pay for everything else on my income...im only a student!!

i left ll before i had done trigger weeks, and at first this did scare me.
i choose not to have carbs for another week after stopping ll, and when i did i had 2 slices of white bread...which used to be such a comfort food for me!!
i ate these and DIDNT want anymore...was just satisfied with the 2 i ate!!

that was the last week in jan, and here and now i sit with only having put up 4lb from my final wi with ll. and these 4lb are more or less drink related, because it was rag week last week!! (i CHOOSE to allow myself to drink!!)

i have been cal counting since i stopped and found that it works well. I tought long and hard bout going back to ww, but because the hole point of ll is to get u out of the mind frame of dieting for life, i thought this would wreck that so decided not to!

i love the way if i go slightly over by cals, i just go under the next day!!
some days are hard, oters are easy...but when isnt it?

althoug i stand by my decision to leave ll, cause i hadnt really a choice, i do believe u know urself whether or not ul be able to deal with it!!
ever one to their own i say!!

sorry for long post hahahaha
good luck xxx


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No WW for me. I am calorie counting sometimes and exercising loads and seem to be able to eat pretty much what I like within reason of course. Sometimes I eat too much sometimes I eat too little its all balance.
I do however tend to stick to low carb as it just works for me.

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