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Has everyone decided on their target weight?

I set my initial target weight quite high on lifeline online, so not to dishearten myself too much, but i decided to put my target weight down to 12st 7lbs today.

I have been overweight/obese/morbidly obese :eek: all my life & never ever been a 'normal' weight or never really looked into what weight i 'should' be.
I just checked on the nhs website & to be a 'normal' weight for my height i should be 11stone or under. I can't even imagine myself at that weight & have found it a bit of a kick in the teeth to think how far i need to go to be normal.

I was just wondering if other people worry about what weight they should be or if they are just happy to see the scales going down each w.i?
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I have been thinking of this myself and am similar in that I have always been overweight and am the lightest now I can ever remember being! When I started I thought Id struggle to even lose a stone or two but have lost nearly 8 now. I have in my head that after xmas Id like to set my target at about 11 stone 10lbs as I think for me this will be enough and a reasonable weight even if not for my height etc but then have been wondering if it is low enough but really cant imagine being any smaller than that or needing to be!
Its hard to decide but I think we have to go with what is right for us?
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I think you should definitely go with a target that feels comfortable for you. If when you get there you find you want to loose more then you know that you have that option, but just be proud of how much you have lost so far and how much better you look now than when you started on this journey.
Thanks you two :)

Up until today i hadn't really thought about it. I had my target at 14st which is still obese but thats a weight i got down to a few years ago on ww & even though i still wanted to lose a couple more stone, i was happy & felt so much better. Then at the time 2 of my friends- one of whom got pregnant stopped going to ww, so i think i used that as an excuse to stop going & slowly put back on ALL the weight i lost!

That's why i like sw as it teaches you how to eat for life :)

Anyway i think i'll carry on with my 14 stone target then reduce it to 12ish when i get there. The thought of having to lose nearly 7 stone is pretty daunting, as is 5 but feels more doable at the moment!

Emsie! You have done amazingly to lose nearly 8 stone! Wow:wow:! Do you mind me asking when you started? Did it slow down a lot nearer the end? I often look at my predicted weight loss on lifeline online & wonder if that is predicted with the weight i've lost so far or for the average of 2lbs a week. It would be nice to have an idea how long it's taken someone who has actually lost the weight & not go by charts :)
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I am a little the same, been thinking about my target weight ... when i first started i thought 12 and a half stone would be great but now that ive lost nearly 3 1/2 stone and only 1 1/2 stone off the 12 and a half ... i think i will need to loose more ..... so ive decided to see how i feel when i get to 12 and a half stone ... if i need to loose more then i will lower my target i think ... just going to see what happens x
Dont mind you asking at all! I started in Sept 2009 so so far it has taken 15 months. It averages out as about 2lbs a week I think. I find my losses vary from week to week depending on my cycle, how much have stuck to plan, how much exercise I've done etc etc The last 4 weeks losses have been 1lb, half a lb (2 wks in a row ) then this week 3 and a half lbs so not bad considering how long I have been doing it.
I do think that exercising helps me a lot though as well as the fantastic plan! I've still got a bit of a way to go though.

Try not to think of it as the whole amount you may want to lose and enjoy the half stone milestones and rewards and get there a bit at a time! I cant believe how much Ive lost and never thought I would be this weight...can't remember EVER being this weight.

Hope you get where you want to get in your own time x


Plodding on.......
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Hi Grumbletumble,

Well done on your losses so far. You must feel fabulous.

I have been doing this since Aug and haven't yet set a target weight. On my body optimise my target is simply every half stone and once I reach it, I move it down another half a stone. When I started, I had a lot to lose, but now it doesn't seem anywhere near as bad considering how much I've lost. I am definitely thinking more now about a final target weight but everyone I've spoken to so far says that when you get near, you'll know but I'm actually in no rush to set my target yet. I would absolutely love to be in the normal BMI range (for the first time ever in my life) but whether I'll get there or not is another story. Anything that I lose from now on is just such a joy and I want to keep going. Hopefully I'll know when I get there.

Good luck with yours.

Gail x
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Emsie you are really inspiring, your attitude is fab!

Grumble i agree with the other, keep your initial target and just see how you feel when you get there.

I havn't set a target at group yet.
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Hiya, I wouldn't fret too much over what the NHS site days. I'm 5ft 9"and b4 being pregnant I was 12st 2lb which made me the tip of scale of nearly being overweight, yet to look at me you wouldn't think it.

Go with what you feel comfortable and makes you feel good.

Good luck x
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i was around 12 stone from around the age of 18 so thats my target cant remember being lighter than that i was a size 14-16 i cant imagine myself smaller so thats what im aiming for.


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When they talk about the health benefits of loosing 10% of your body weight, I think you need to focus more on how much healthier you'll be at the target weight you've already said rather than worrying about what the nhs website says. Like others have said you might feel like loosing more when you get there or you might be happy. What you don't want to do is overdaunt yourself now!
Oh and my friend frequently gets to the nurse by her doctor when she gets a repeat prescription of her pill because she's classed at overweight. The nurse looks at her and says she can't understand how she's the weight she is when she's so slim and not to worry about it because waste circumfrence is also important in judging weight :0)
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I actually can't decide on mine as nobody seems to know what it should be!!

Depending on what site you read it can be anywhere between 11 and 12 stone!

How do I know which one is right lol?

I would like to have a definitive target though to be serious for a minute as I respond better to targets.