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Hathor's Diary - Keeping Motivated

Four weeks and 9.5lbs lost so far. Yay. I want to get to my goal by Christmas. Please post on my thread any "obvious" slimming world tips that I am likely not to even know about! lol :p

I'm going to include as much (probably annoying) motivational stuff as I can too - because it helps me to focus on the good things to keep going.:D

If anyone notices any obvious things I might be missing or doing wrong with my diet, I'd truly appreciate your comments. I need you!

I'm going to include any new recipes I try. I am not the world's greatest cook - I prefer the easy recipes.

Here we go....
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Yesterday I ate (extra easy):
Breakfast: mushrooms fried with fry light, 1 x egg, 1 x wholemeal toast from 400g loaf (heB 1/2) with 1 laughing cow light triangle (part of heA) brown sauce (1 tablespoon - 1 syn)

Snack: fruit

Lunch: Salad using spinach leaves, red pepper, tomatoes, pickled onions, fat free cottage cheese, tuna (from tin in brine), sweetcorn, 1 boiled egg.

Dinner: chilli made with quorn, tinned tomato and spices with veggies chopped into it (corgettes, onions, carrot) on a small jacket potato (200g) and 1 tablespoon ff cottage cheese and spinach salad leaves, peppers and tomatoes on the side.

Supper (friday night couldn't resist nibbles): two rivita crispbreads (heB) with one laughing cow on them (heA) and pickled onions.
Fat free Muller light and strawberries.

HeB's : 1 slice bread (400g loaf) and two rivita crispbreads
HeA's: 2 laughing cow light triangles and dashes of milk in my coffee
No added sugar orange squash
1 syn.

Today so far:

Breakfast: Mushrooms fried in fry light, 1 slice wholemeal toast with 1 laughing cow triangle on it (HeA). 1 banana, some blueberries

Lunch: Spinach salad, peppers, onion, fat free cottage cheese, slimming world potato wedges (1 potato 200g chopped), sweet chilli sauce drizzled over salad (1 syn), green olives x 4 (half syn), wafer thin ham (4 slices)

Planning maybe a prawn stir fry for tea.


Serial Foodie!
food sounds great hathor, I hope you are enjoying the plan and finding using a diary helpful. I would be lost without mine and it definitely keeps me on track (most of the time!)

Good luck with your christmas goal xxxx
Thanks Karen, and well done on 17.5lbs lost! I am enjoying it. :)

On Saturday I did have a prawn stir fry with stir fry veggies, some noodles and some sweet chilli dipping sauce (2 syns for 2 tablespoons)

Sunday's menu was:
Omelette with two eggs, onions, peppers, tomatoes

Lunch: Salad with ff cottage cheese and ham. Banana, tangerine.

Dinner: Beef steak fried with a little fry light (YUM!!! I don't eat beef very often at all but this was lovely) with a tomato topping (tomatoes, worcester sauce, onions fried), small jacket potato, cottage cheese and salad greens on the side (lots of salad)

Fat free yoghurt
Milk in coffee (A)
Just realised I didn't have a B if it was extra easy (?)
Yesterday I had a major diet crisis - thank god my boyfriend was there. We were driving back from a car boot sale and I was feeling really fed up! We had been trying to sell some things on the car boot and we'd gotten up at 5am and spent the entire morning there and came out with a rubbish £40 and a carfull of junk to bring home! grrrrrr

So on the way back I needed the loo and there was a mcdonalds on the way and I was so desperate I said we're going to have to call there. Inside I just said "sod this I need a cheeseburger" but I'm glad boyfriend said "no, you'll only wish you didn't have it"

It wouldn't have been *that* bad but I am glad.

I still have that tendency to eat when I'm fed up - trying to get over that a bit. :(

Yesterday's menu:

Smoked haddock, 1 x egg, 1 slice toast (b) with 1 laughing cow triangle (part of A)

Lunch: salad (spinach, peppers, tomatoes, pickled onions) with cottage cheese, ham, small amount of pasta (10 spirals) and fruit

Dinner: Moussaka made from SW website but I added ingredients. Onions fried in a pan with garlic, finely chopped corgettes, red pepper chopped finely, butter beans (just half a small can), 1 tin of tomatoes, dash of worcester sauce, half a beef stock cube and quorn mince. Simmer it all together to make your tomato sauce base. Fry courgettes and line your casserole dish with them, saving some for another layer. Mix fat free natural yoghurt (200g) with 2 eggs until smooth, grate three minibabybel lights and mix them into the egg mixture. Pour tomato sauce over courgettes, then put courgettes on top of it to form another layer. Top with the white cheesy sauce and put in oven for about 20 mins on 200c, until cooked and golden on top. YUM and free if you count cheese as HeA.



Serial Foodie!
fantastic loss! good on ya :D see... sometimes the boyfriend does know best (but dont tell him that lol). I think we can all snap off plan for emotional reasons and it is difficult to tackle. if you find a cure, let me know! xxx
If I find a cure Karen, I'd be rich!

Yesterday we visited family and they had cooked a roast dinner (ARGH!) so here is my menu for yesterday (Extra Easy)

Breakfast: Smoked Haddock (poached), 1 slice wholemeal toast with 1 laughing cow triangle on it (part of HeA), 1 egg.

Lunch (we provided it): Lots of Salad with chicken and pasta, ff cottage cheese on the side. The inside of one slice of quiche (didn't eat the crust) 1 syn.

Dinner: Roast beef (as far as I can tell cooked without fat, it was on a rack?), mashed potatoes (made them not add butter), brocolli, carrots, gravy (1 syn), yorkshire pudding (3 syns)
Dessert: Meringue nest (3 syns), 1.5 tablespoons of double cream whipped (3 syns) and strawberries and blueberries.

HeA: milk and laughing cow light
HeB: 1 slice toast
Syns: 11 but did I need to syn the beef?

Hi hun, looking good - I personally wouldn't syn the beef, at most it would be a couple so I wouldn't worry about it. Did you make the quiche yourself as shop bought ones can be full of cream and butter etc.. don't want you to have extra syns without realising. xx
Thanks Louise, the quiche was shop bought! :(

Today's menu is a bit better I think:

Breakfast: Grapes, 1 x banana, Strawberries

Lunch: Moussaka (all free ingredients except small amount of babybel light cheese HEA) and salad

Dinner: Salad with chicken (1 large breast) and ff cottage cheese

Then I had a snack later which was a quorn cottage pie I have made for tomorrow with all free ingredients (I had just a small amount on a plate) - but do I have to syn the beef stock cubes?



Serial Foodie!
the cubes are free. well... they'd better be as i dont syn them lol. Your food sounds lovely... looking around at the diaries i realise i am getting a little stuck in a rut with my meal plans and everyone elses sounds much yummier :)
Thanks Karen, I haven't been counting them so far. Suppose thats why food diaries are good - forces me to think about every little syn.

Breakfast: grapes, banana x 1, tangerine

Lunch: Small amount of quorn cottage pie made with free ingredients - babybel light cheese HeA and salad (spinach, peppers, tomatoes, olives x 4 (half a syn), pickled onions)

Snacks: fruit

Dinner: same as lunch but a larger portion!
Oh no!!! I ate a dominos pizza! A small one. I reckon it adds up to 50 syns! :-((((

Yesterday's diary:

Breakfast, scrambled egg, 1 slice toast with laughing cow light

Lunch: Steak, salad and Jacket potato with a sauce (5 syns)

Dinner: 1 dominos (small) pizza (50 syns?)
Roasted vegetables

Alpen light

I REALLY hope this doesn't screw up my weight loss, back on track today.

Yesterdays food:
1 egg, 1 slice toast laughing cow light (a)

Lunch: salad, jacket potato, ff cottage cheese

Dinner: Stir fry (prawns, veggies, 150g noodles, honey 4 syns and spices, between two of us)

Mullerlight and strawberries
Milk in coffee (a)
I'm going to try and apply this:

We are really advocates of just getting as happy as you can be,which takes care of everything. Even if you don't have reason to be happy,make it up. Fantasize it. Make a decision that you're going to be happy one way or another,no matter what. "No matter what, I'm going to be happy! If I have to ignore everybody; if I have to never watch television again; if I have to never pick up a newspaper again, I'm going to be happy. If I never have to see that person's face again, I'm going to be happy. If I have to see that person's face, I'm going to find something to see in that person's face that makes me happy. I'm going to be happy. I'm going to be happy. I'm going to be happy.

- Abraham-Hicks -
Breakfast: Strawberries, Grapes, Tangerine and 1 alpen light (HeB)
Coffee with milk (a)

Snack: Grapes

Lunch: Salad with Tuna and ff cottage cheese, peppers, pickled onions and 4 x olives (half a syn)

Dinner: Pasta with tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, onions and 1 level tbsp red pesto (2.5syns but this made lots of pasta so only ate one third of it, I'll count it as 1 syn)

Supper: Mullerlight toffee (free) and Alpen light chocolate (HeB)
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Its weigh in day today! Eeek. I hope things go well. My home scale says 1lb less.

Breakfast today: 1 slice toast (HeB) laughing cow light (a), 2 x low fat hot dog sausages (2 syns) and 1 boiled egg.

Lunch: Spinach salad with some pasta spirals (10), tomatoes, peppers, ff cottage cheese and 1 boiled egg. Banana.

Dinner: Pasta and Quorn tomato sauce (made with tinned tomatoes, 1 tsp mild chilli powder, 1 beef stock cube, quorn mince, onions, red pepper, courgettes, 1 carrot diced and mushrooms)

Snack: alpen light (other half of HeB).
Fat free Mullerlight, Strawberries

Milk in coffee (a)
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