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Have 6 stones to lose and ashamed


A thin person in disguise
I have 6 stones to lose. Lost 5 in 2009 and put 6 on in 2010. Totally ashamed of myself and avoiding seeing distant family. I would like to lose the weight asap, but I know atkins the way forward as I can't do LL due to low blood pressure.

Your help and support would be really appreciated as I have been o/weight for the majority of my life and I've had enough lol!!!

Any tips for the first wk would be fab. Hope u r all having a fab day xx
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don't feel ashamed feel proud! you are here doing it now :) best of lcuk xx


This is for life
Hi Rachie, welcome to your own thread :D

No need to be ashamed - you obviously are planning to take action. At the moment I am aiming for BMI 30 which is still overweight - if I went for healthy BMI then I also have 5-6 stone to lose.

I am trying to view Atkins as a way of life rather than a diet - therefore it's not how much you lose fast but that you slowly, steadily head the direction you want - while still living life to the full :D

Take a look at some of the diaries - I'm just over a month in so you can see how I found the first few weeks plus there are plenty of others who started since new year.

Good luck!
Totally ashamed of myself and avoiding seeing distant family.

I have been o/weight for the majority of my life and I've had enough lol!!!
Same here on both counts! Although it's not just distant family but also friends.

Welcome to the jungle. The best tip for the first 2-3 weeks is just get on with it (sorry if that sounds harsh!) but after the first 3 weeks you'll have made a huge dent in that weight and it will also become a lot easier as you get used to this way of eating.

If you have any questions just ask :)


A thin person in disguise
Hi J2Blue,

I have realised over the years whilst trying to lose weight that I am an emotional eater and therefore if I say away from the sugar carb and fat trap then I tend not to crave food to soothe my emotions. I have also realised that I need to try to not react to my thoughts and then feelings as the naysayers in my head can grow really loud esp as my business has just failed and I am trying to get a job and sale my house and blah blah blah blah..... I am looking forward to feeling better and have more energy and not to feel sluggish.

Hope every one is having a fab day..I have just gone out and bought my food and am researching Atkins products as I am away a lot at the mo on the interview circuit so I need to ensure I water and food available to prevent snacking yikes!!! xxxx
No fat trap here Rachie - eat fat to lose fat. But cutting sugar and carbs should help reduce your cravings. I am an emotional eater too and on every sad day I have to weigh up whether wanting to be thin forever means more than a chocolate bar now (so far, it does). Welcome and good luck.


A thin person in disguise
I know Dietkitty..tis truly amazing the response i have got!!! I was wondering though should I cut calories? When do I start exercising? I do want to make sure that I am losing and being an emotional eater and an overeater, I am trying to ensure that I keep my motivation up and my weigh going down hahahaha!!

Am currently planning different menus yum yum!!!
no, you don't count calories, only carbs.
you can start exercising once you have got over the slump you will feel as your body switches from burning glucose to burning fat, then you will have the energy you need.

go enjoy the wonderful world of guilt free delicious food!
awww don't feel ashamed hun! i've got at least 6st to lose too - we can do it together (((hugs))) xxxxxxx
hi, i also have 5-6 stone to lose....

atkins really is the way forward.....gook extra dinner the night before for brekkie or lunch the next day is a good hint....snoop around here theres loads of menus....just dont look at any threads that mention cheating as we are not all angels sometimes ;) xx


Green tea advocate!!
You shouldn't be ashamed at all!! You're here now, and you'll get so much support from these forums :)


This is for life
MissyMustDoIt said:
just dont look at any threads that mention cheating as we are not all angels sometimes ;) xx
Hmmm i wonder who you are thinking of lol ;)


A thin person in disguise
Hey guys thank you so much for your support!!!! I am now looking forward to a life of low carb and great weight loss. I've given myself between 1-3 weeks to get over the initial slump and then it's gym time. I will be seeing some of my family tomorrow and they haven't seen my weight gain so I am hoping to have this forum and you guys in my mind that can bat off any negative comments which can happen unexpectedly.

Wow just counting carbs sounds loads better and less like a restrictive bore!!!!!!! Am sticking with induction for as long as possible to lose as much weight as possible so here goes.....thanks again you are all truly amazing and thanks for listening xxxx
You should be proud that you've decided to make the change, it's brilliant! Good luck!

My only tip would be not to let yourself get hungry, it's a brilliant diet simply because there's no need to feel starved at any point! xxx


Clean green leafy machine
awww don't feel ashamed hun! i've got at least 6st to lose too - we can do it together (((hugs))) xxxxxxx
See Rachie we have all shapes and sizes here, I have 6 stone - and then some - to lose!

The key for me is preparation - making meals beforehand so I'm not tempted by anything; water - and lots of it; and keeping it simple. Don't get too carried away with sauces and complicated recipes - fry the meat and add you greens - and you will definitely see losses :)

Definitely no need to be ashamed. I started out with almost 11 stones to lose.

I have been roughly counting calories the past couple of days just out of interest and on Friday I only had about 800 (if you dont count the alcohol, lol) and yesterday was around 1000. You find your appetite reduces so much that you naturally restrict calories without even noticing. And the best part of it is that the food tastes great.


This is for life
Morning Rachie :D
What are you up to today? Im making the most of a "home" day since it's going to be so rainy!


A thin person in disguise
Hey good morning all. How are you Kat1e? I started this morning with a bacon chicken and cheese omelette. I am out for most of today so I've an Atkins bar in my bag ready and I will pop in and get a pack of chicken if needs be. I am really interested in what mims are? I am cooking roast pork for tea. I have decided to keep to about 1000 calories a day over 4 meals so I don't get too hungry. I have an interview on Tuesday so I am hoping that the withdrawals are too horrific eck!!!!! Xx

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