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Have added some really attractive *NOT* underwear pics from few months back

Have been brave :D

This is really for new starters that are dubious (like i was!!!) that it will ever happen?

I took the first at around near 16 stone? cant remember now perhaps late 15's then again in late september wont take another till late this month :) well it just to show the difference basically

Im a long way to goal (over 2 stone :cry: ) but i'll get there :D

Its the latest album..be warned though it aint pretty my underwear dont even match :D
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Can hug her knees :)
huge difference well done hun, I kind of wish I had dare take some underwear shots, I hate my body unclothed, something I hadnt even thought of, xx
lol i hate mine undressed too! well starting to like it... i didnt dare take any at the start Ohhhh that be way to scary :D

My biggest tip though to anyone is take pics at the start...it REALLY helps!! x


Cambridge Consultant
You look amazing............ sod the fact the underwear doesnt match the transformation is fab!!! You are a true inspiration to others which I love..... as we know CD works and its great to show new starters what you have achieved.. Well done hon you really should be so proud of yourself... It can be hard at times but its so worth it, as we both know...
Keep smiling and be proud !!!
Love Marissa xxx
Hi mrsessex, you look fantatstic and such a difference. You have come such a long way, your nearly there-well done xx


Silver Member
mrsessex - You have made such wonderful progress! lol - I was just thinking about weight differences though. I started at over 24 st and when I get down to 16 I will have lost 8 stones and will feel SOOO thin!
I haven't been 16 stone since I was about 16!
ohhh I love CD!
I hope the 2 stone you have left disappears easily!
Very good, mrsessex, wish i was brave enough to do that.

BTW, you're not a dibber, are you??
LOL....saw ur disney pics, thought u might be a Dibb member. Several of us on here are, that how I got to know about minimins.
Ohhhh lolol no not all :) Im not actually a fan of Disney but had our first holiday to Florida this year ..and went magic kingdom WAY UNIMPRESSED :( but Epcot was very cool lol loved all the other parks sea world/uni etc etc but not disney .. i take it your a fan next to daffy there lol x
Its Donald ;) Yes Im a bit of a fan, been 3 times. Love the Disney magic (and the food :()
Ahh but dont you know there are no such things are calories in Florida ;) Actually, I found it hard to find 'safe' things to eat in Kenya when I was there last month :(
I think anyone that does cambridge on holiday (ss) deserves a medal! i couldnt do it :D

I'll be off CD in a couple of weeks too for 4 days ...looking forward to it lol
I simply wouldnt do it! I worked hard for my holiday and with CD, that I deserved to have the holiday I wanted. I gained and I didnt care. Because I knew I could and would get back on CD when I got back and I already had a new goal in mind before I even went. I thought I had gained more while I was away, but I know in Florida,would eat far more [email protected] but all that walking would help keep most of it off and it did. Kenya was different as I spent a lot of time lounging around, soaking up the sun.
Ohh soooo agree about working hard for your hols :) we work bloomin hard too and play hard ;) but while away i will not ss.. its a time to relax and be merry lol (not that i drink coz i dont haha) but i can get back on the wagon with ease did it before so not worried. We're going back to florida again in July 2010..but wont go magic kingdom this time...just not our cuppa tea but can see why hardcore fans would like it :) ... being honest though think it needs updating (controversial?) lol
you have achieved so much, and what a difference in pics, I took some when i first started in mis-mathced undies too.lol but i not brave enough to take another photo yet but will do when at least another stone gone
Its the same with Christmas, I'm not sticking to CD, I'm taking a couple of days off to enjoy it with my family. It only happens once a year, I'm sensible when it comes to cooking and portion sizes anyway and know I can get back on CD. Its like a safety net for me, if you like. Same as I dont panic when I go out for meals once a month with hubby and friends, its just one meal! Its not the end of the world. If I panicked over the slightest thing, I'd go mad. Heck, I lost 3 and a half stone since June, I'm not going to complain..lol.

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