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have been diagnosed with an eating disorder


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Things have suddenly become a lot clearer, all those failed weight loss dreams, why i was binging in the first place. I am still overwhelmed but feel that maybe finally I am on the right path.

I am going to be starting therapy soon, and am also hoping that i can get back into slimming world as i think healthy eating will form a big part of my recovery.

Has anyone else experience of an eating disorder diagnosis?
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Yep! Me!!
I am on the waiting list for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy!
I've known Ive had an eating disorder for YEARS!! Im not sure it has a name apart from Over eating syndrome! But my definition, is that I do not possess the switch that tells me when Im full & to stop eating! Pain, often stops me!

Through initial counselling sessions where they tried to label me as depressed!... the nurse spoke to me about ways to deal with stress & it became clear that I deal with stress by eating! Thats not to be compared with emotional eating... its different!
I want to eat when Im happy, sad, moody, carefree, low, high, bored, busy, excited, horny, anxious.... everything!
The level of stress can be very minor or very high... which would explain why this year alone I have put on 5stone!!! (very stressful year!)
I am at the moment, talking to my sister about food & our upbringing & why I may have developed this thinking pattern... i'll keep u posted!

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I have!

I have been to counselling and a binge eating disorder group and i'm still the same. Considering CBT as an option as i eat no matter what my mood is happy, sad, angry, bored etc and i know it has come from my childhood experiences

I just want to be 'cured' :( but it doesn't seem to be a quick fix issue


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I haven't! Never even spoken to my doctor about any food/diet related issues.

I came onto this thread initially to give you a virtual hug but found myself sitting open mouthed thinking that I could have written parts of these posts myself :confused:

Anyway,virtual hugs to you all and wishing you the best of luck in your respective therapies

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You aren't alone, it's great that you've been diagnosed so you can begin the whole dealing with it part. I have binge-eating disorder and over-eating which is apparently a separate thing but either way results in what I had become. Not fun! I did a course of CBT then CAT, not just for my eating problems but everything else too and while it hasn't made it disappear I am at least aware of what happens in my mind at those times I can't stop eating and it means I can generally stop it sooner. I don't know about a total cure, it seems more about ways to limit it rather than make it disappear all together.

SW is great in that you can eat when you feel the need without the guilt. Like all diets we have to be aware of eating too much but it's not as bad on SW as other diets. I've found that by eating healthier foods it's taken away the need I had for the empty fat and sugar which only led to me wanting more. It's not easy but it's do-able. I still binge now and then but not to the extend I used to. Now my binges tend to be on things I can use within my syn allowance. I have crisps at 4 syns per bag hidden away and when I lose control I may eat 4 packs. It's far from ideal but having it available means I don't freak out like I would if I had nothing available. :eek:

Best of luck coming to terms with it all. It's better to face these things than bury your head so you're doing just the right thing.:)


is working hard.....
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Over on the off topic board there is a thread for some of us who suffer in similar ways with emotional eating and food addiction............. I'll pop over and find you the link! xx
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thank you all for the hugs and support

going to be brave here and tell you something....my eating is linked to my childhood abuse. i thought by eating and getting fat my abusers would not want to touch me, that if i was completly fat and unattractive they would be disgusted and leave me alone. it didn't work, but i am still trapped in that thought process i think, and end up sabotaging everything because i don't think i deserve good things.

anyhoo will stop rabbiting on.

thank you again x
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I'm really sorry about the abuse and I understand where your eating issues have come from. I have similar issues from my childhood and though I didn't purposely set out to get fat I probably did it without realising. The therapy should help so embrace it and though it will be painful if it's anything like mine it is worth it in the end. If you feel it's not enough then don't be afraid to ask for more, it's not always offered easily but if you keep at them then hopefully you'll find the thing that helps.

Getting to the point that you feel you deserve good things is hard but you can get there. It probably sounds silly but if every morning you tell yourself why you deserve good things and remind yourself about the bits of you that you like it can sometimes help to start the day well. I found it really difficult to find things I liked but it gets easier when you're looking for them.

Best of luck. Feel free to pm me if you ever need a chat. I'm far from 'sorted' myself but in a much better frame of mind since my therapy.


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thank you x
Thats a terribly sad story & one that happens all too frequently (im a foster carer!, so I know!)

This might sound strange.... & im always annoying people by trying to be so god damned positive! lol....
also, not wanting to belittle what has happened to you in any way.....
....... but you have at least, recognised that your over eating is linked to something & with help, you will fix it! (I have faith in you already!)

You know what happened to you is wrong, you understand why u did what you did to stop it, you can identify that your over eating is linked to it & now you understand how to fix it (with help) Thats GOOD!!! Thats a step forward.. thats better than me.... I havent really begun to understand why I over-eat when Im stressed... so by signing up to this website &/or joining slimming world, YOU are breaking this cycle! Go for it!!



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thank you, i feel in a stronger place than i was though it is miles to go and all that


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You are so incredibly brave, and I wish you all the love and luck in the world to get to where you want to be xxxx
I just wanted to say that it took a lot of courage to post this thread and I for one am vey proud of you and grateful for being allowed to read it.Yes it does hit home quite a few points and thanks girls for pointing them out. Good luck on your healthy eating plansxx


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thank you all for your kind words. i was very apprehensive of posting, and wasn't sure if it was allowed due to the subject matter. and i am sorry if this has been a trigger for anyone.

i only recently made the connection between the abuse and my weight, and i was completly overwhemled, felt a failure etc etc. but at least now i know some of the reasons i may sabotage my eating, and though therapy can work on that.

i was going to try and go to a sw group last night but lost my nerve, feel like i might be taking too much on. so am going to try and stick to plan by myself for now (and with lots of support from here off course - well i hope!).

thank you again, it means a lot the understanding i feel from you all

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BIG hugs to you. I think you should definitely go to a group - maybe even take a friend with you for support or try ringing the consultant first and having a chat. She will more than welcome you in. You will go to group and feel so great and so much more postive when you come out. It is really hard doing it on your own - believe me I have tried several times. But I love group. I went to a new group last night and I was a little nervous but it was great and everyone was really friendly. x
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Wanted to say i suffered from bulimia when i was younger and have history of abuse too so i understand.
I like the discipline on SW as it keeps me away from overeating.
Take care
rainbowshades x


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thank you all again.

i have felt pretty alone for a while and to know that i am not means so much.

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