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Have many WWers gone back to the discover plan?

My friend lost 2stone very easily back last Autumn, lost about 7lb under her goal weight, put 5 of it on over Xmas, then really got to grips with PP. Since then, despite exercising loads and never going over her daily (sometimes using some of her weekly) she has sts.

This week was the final straw though as she had run 20miles during the week, done a hula hoop class, then lots of Wii dancing with her daughter and GAINED half a lb!!! She's now going back to the Discover plan - does PP just not work for some?

She planned out her meals yesterday, which came to 17 'old' points but the same menu would have left her with 8pp...

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it's something a lot of us are experiencing unfortunately,,i love the plan but it's so slow at times,,have been thinking myself of going back to discover,,is she eating her exercise points??
Hi there, I have today defected back to Discover. If I stick to Discover 100% I know I will lose, even if it is just half a lb, which is good. With ProPoints I have more than not stayed the same, apart from the first week where I lost, going down and up, but always hovering around the same weight. I find that Discover is a lot more strict, and works a lot better - I guess it's different for everyone - and anything new that might help weight loss a bit easier is worth a try - but for me it's def back to Discover :) x
Yummymummy - nope she doesn't eat her exercise points :confused:

Hippngravy - good luck! It'll be interesting to see how it goes...

I guess it's like anything really, not all diets suit all people.
People have lost so much on the discovery plan which is why I don't understand the propoints. I will always stick to the old plan. :)
hi all im on propoints and first week gained 1/2lb was so annoyed, as i had used the weekly pp. So the last 3 weeks havnt used them and lost 5lb (and the 1/2lb i gained) so I will leave them out until I get to ideal weight :rolleyes: I also find it hard to eat protein as Im a vegetarian, so went and got a protein shake and have that daily which is 6pp. So hope it goes well for you all. :whistle:
maybe she's not eating enough,,especially if she's doing so much exercise her body might need some of the activity points..
Ive defected back to Discover for this week only. I just want to see if there is a difference in my weight loss this week than the paltry 3/4lb i lost this week (admittedly, it was probably cos i ate my remaining 14 weeklies the night before weigh in though :D)

But also, it was so much easier to plan a takeaway into the Discover plan. I am still struggling with the fact that if i want special fried rice, it always have to come out of my weekly allowance on pp's.

If it works, i will probably stick to Discover. (I did lose 3st in 10 months years ago on this plan). This is another reason why i like the fact i dont go to meetings either, nobody to tell you which plan you should be on ;)
I've followed both plans and definitely think I will b able 2 maintain weight loss easier on pro points as i'm finding it much easier than the old system. Previously I would deny myself so much until I lost the weight then I would think I deserved a 'treat' which would turn in2 a few months of treats lol therefore putting on all the weight i'd previously lost!

On pro points I don't feel like i'm denying myself anything and have lost over 10 pounds in 6 weeks even after having gone over on my weekly allowance a couple of times

My weight loss is slower on pro points but as long as its coming off and i'm not feeling deprived or hungry then i'm happy :)
i have to agree with MTMonster i have done both plans and feel that the slower weight loss will help me in the long run

as long as i have a loss even 1lb im happy
I don't think I've done enough time on the ProPoints plan to decide whether to defect back to Discovery although I haven't done Discovery since 2008.

Can I just ask, those who are defecting back to Discovery - how long did you try the ProPoints plan?


I can haz cake?
I think I need the strict nature of discovery to lose the bulk of my weight and will then use pro points for maintenance
I think this is likely to be the route I'm going to take. And I got away with having a cheeky takeout on Tues night, whereas I don't think you get quite as much leeway with PP in regards to that.

I think PP is like a "life change" more than Discover is. You don't HAVE to eat healthy on either... but its a lot easier to on PP because you get your fruit for 0pp, and you can't fit as much junk food into a day on PP than you can on Discover. I never liked eating fruit on Discover because it cost so many points =P

curvy_lass - I'm going to give it 4 weigh ins and compare it to how much i've been able to lose on discover, that will make or break my decision.
This week will be weigh in 5 for me and if I've not lost 2lb I'm going back to the old system. I've been walking 3 miles five times a week, gardening, drinking endless cups of green tea, only had ONE cup of coffee all week which is a massive change from my usual 2 or 3 coffees a day with whole milk and two sugars. These are big changes in my life and I want to feel that its worth sticking at it through the hard times. I will be more than happy to lose 1lb a week or even two if I'm lucky but I'm not doing this to keep putting the same pound on and then off. When I was on the old plan I could feel myself having to make healthy choices every meal and maybe allow for one sensible treat, where as on pro points I've had the attitude of if i fancy a dairy milk after a full day of food I'll just take it out of my weeklys! Stuff it i've eaten all my weeklys after my indian last night I'll have a dessert as well out of my exercise points. These are different situations I've been in and its the same attitude that got me to nearly 14 stone! I love the fact that fruit etc is free and I get the idea of protein being encouraged but I don't have enough control to keep my cravings under control with so many points readily available
Jem292 you sound just like me! I too find it so difficult to stop myself eating on pro points. I do tend to eat when I am bored, and sometimes know it's a drink I need but will eat fruit instead - all the things that contributed to me being over weight to begin with! I definitely need a stricter regime, knowing that I only have a certain amount of points and if I don't want to starve all evening then I can't eat,eat, eat all morning!

I certainly think pro points is a great way of maintaining - and it is very likely that I will swap on to pro points as maintenance when I get to goal - but for now, Discover is definitely the way to go for me :D
Well after all my moaning about pro points I weighed myself this morning and I've lost 2lb this week! I have been very strict and stayed within my 29 points everyday except one when I went over by 4 points. I have pointed bananas as 2 points as well as I eat a large banana as my breakfast quite a few days. Have also stopped the killer gym sessions and have just been walking 3 miles on the treadmill 5 times a week. Maybe ive found a good balance for me????
Well my leader said " I wasn't allowed to do the discovery plan because it wouldn't work" sometimes wonder if they don't want you to lose lots so you have to go longer and they get more money, kinda cynical but make me wonder.. The other answer they give is to question if you are being honest and writing everything down ... Like people want to lie to themselves ?!?
I think money plays a big part in it all, change the plan so we all have to buy new calculators etc. Your paying to do weight watchers you have the right to do it as you want, some people are still doing the plan from before discovery!!! Do what suits you and don't let you leader bully you into what she thinks :) x x

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