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have never tasted anything so vile


goingtobeslim x
just drink plenty of water to curb your hunger, i think they should give people samples of these things 1st as it's not fair on you now.( my chemist didn't give any but have read some posts where they had a sample of things )have never tried the flapjacks was thinking of trying one, but don't think i will bother. have tasted the chicken soup it was really vile. hope you be okay. x


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The flapjacks do taste vile to begin with and it...I found them shocking:sign0137: and it is hard to imagine you could ever get a taste for them but I did and found them very handy for taking out and about when making up a shake is not all that easy and it is nice to be able to chew something at meal time.

The vile taste is the concentrated vitamins and minerals but in time you don't taste those just the flavours...my favourite was the peanut flapjack.

The secret is to wait a few weeks and break off little bits at a time and drink your tea/coffee or water with them...you might only eat a quarter to begin with and gradually you will get to like them.

Your Pharmacy should really give you a few free samples to try every now and then.

I never got to like the chicken soup no matter how many times I tried it.
You poor soul! My pharmacy gave me samples cos I was worried I wouldn't like them and how right I was! Go back to them to buy another couple of shakes and explain why. They will happily sell you a couple more (at about £1.50 each) cos you can't survive on two shakes a day. It's their fault - they should have given you a sample.
i was able to buy an extra shake and return my yucky chicken soup ones, its more expensive in northern ireland so I had to pay £2 but I got my extra one!