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have paid dearly for my naughtiness !!!!


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oh hun im sorry :-(

well done for being so up beat about it though!! just draw a big fat line under it and try and forget it xxx


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oh, big hugs to you sasha. I've always been told that a quick gain like that will most probably come off quickly too, so next week it will be gone again, please don't fret about it, I know it's easy for me to say, and I'd be crying too but try to forget about it and just carry on with your tracking. Think about what it was that made you go over, and if you really want to eat those foods this week then just save a couple of points here and there and have your treats without the gain. We all do this at some point, and no doubt I shall post a similar post soon, coz we all have little slips, we are only human..or so I'm told lol :D

chin up sasha :hug99: xxxx


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I have also been naughty this weekend 2 meals out and have apparently gained 6lbs in 48 hours... I don't believe this is all fat I think most is water as I'm very very bloated from the "naughty" food and the sugar which really doesn't agree with me. Try and be 100% all week and I bet you'll loose most of that next week. ((hug))


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What did you do? i had an awful Saturday drank a LOT of booze and had a 3 course meal out - pate, belly pork and chesecake.. I knew there was no way i could recitfy what i had done so i just drew a line under the day and started again. That's what you have to do. the result of my overindulgence on Saturday will be evident in the morning when I get weighed


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Poor you Sasha - hope you're ok. It such a downer but try to draw the line and move on. It's regaining focus which is always the hard part, it would be far too easy just to let it get on top of you but you sound like you've got things back under control. Just try for 100% this week chick and I'm sure you'll turn it around in no time :)


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Awww Sasha! As everyone else has said, you'll drop that gain in no time! I bet its mostly water anyway chick, you'd haved to eat like 13250 calories MORE than you burn off to gain that as actual fat xx Good luck hun!! xx


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Yep I agree a quick gain like this is not fat, so hopefully will come off again quickly. Well done for getting back on track.

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