Have ruined refeed week


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Hi guys

Sorry i have not been about it has been a hectis week and the next few will be the same so may not get on here. Well done to all of that are losing your doing really well. Those who are struggling i am too.

I started refeed on monday and was doing really well upto fri then my friend came to see me and we went out for lunch, i had 3 bean chilli with small amount of rice, a couple of chips and a glass of wine, which ruined me for the day, i shouldnt drink in the afternoon, well then later that night i had macds.
I then planned to be good saturday but started on the chocs, then we went out for curry and drinks and i had too many. So today what do i do, open the tin of roses and have a cooked breakfast.
I am going for weigh in tomorrow and feel i have gained 6lb which i am really unhappy about.
I am going to have 2 bars and a meal a day for the next week to see if i can get the weight back off. I am going to do tfr for 2 more weeks after xmas so get off some more then stick to slimming world 100% to get to target.
Sorry for the long thread. Have a great christmas everyone. I will try to pop in and out in the next few weeks.
Oh and i became an auntie again today which is great news.
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Dont worry about it hun it is easily done I have been the same went on my xmas do last night and since I haven't had a drink since aug I thought I better have somethin to eat So had bacon and egg on toast.
Then had far too many drinks along with a 3 course meal oh well!!
I was feeling rather delicate this morning so had some toast with lots of butter :(
I am just gonna have a salad tonight for tea and get back on refeed tomorrow, might try n get myself back in ketosis if I can havn't jumped on the scales Im scared!!!!!


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dont worry guys christmas will soon be gone then we can all refocus and get back on schedule just try to be good

all the best

ps i am no angel had a lovely 3 course meal last nite with family it was bloody delicous had a sip of hubbys lager big mistake but i enjoyed the whole evening and the compliments that were passed my way

keep strong guys we will survive


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Thanks guys.
To be honest i weighed fri morning and i hadnt been bad then, i had gained 4lb so have added 2lb but i think its probably more.
Will get back on track tomorrow.


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I think it's a good idea to try two LT meals and a normal one. It should help you feel more in control too.

Don't give up and let food get the better of you. You've had a good few days, so don't feel bad, it's not the end of the world.

Congrats on the new addition to your family. :) x


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Hope your back on track & feeling better about it all now hun....good luck!!! Caz xx


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I wouldn't panic too much............ there will be more people posting similar threads over the next couple of weeks lol...........

We may be LTer's but hey, it's christmas and we are HUMAN :D