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Have you told many people your doing CD?


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I'm ashamed to say that I've told no one other than my hubbie (hard to hide it from him ! :D ) and my sister. And two friends who also struggle with their weight, but have done LL or CD in the past.

When I did it last time, I copped SO much flack from work colleagues and 'friends' for doing a FRD that I just havent told anyone I'm doing it. (In fact I lied after 6 weeks and said I had come off it) I'm finding it a little harder this time as I found it easier whilst at work to just say 'No -thanks' to eating any snacks/biscuits and I would go home for lunch and have my bar there. This time though I'm at home (on Mat Leave) and I know that I'm finding it hard to not snack from the cupboard. But the will power is most definately there now. (I do taste some stuff though as I cook my daughters food from scratch so do have little tastes - CDC knows this and has assured me it's fine as it's literally the same amount of food that is the size of your little finger nail)

But I've gone off on a tangent again. I see a lot of people at the different mum and baby groups but finding it a little difficult to turn down all the lunch invites. Coffee is no trouble as I can pull the 'No biscuits for me thanks as I'm counting calories' and just have black coffee if no skimmed milk is available. I feel if I were to say I'm doing CD they'll say 'Oh gosh, she must be desperate and ditching the weight in such a lazy way' :(
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Hi Kate,

I've told no-one intentionally. Discussed it with my BF before i met up with a CDC. My twin brother knows but not the rest of my family.
My wokr colleagues know as i cant really hide the fact that i have ahand blender and cambridge sachets haha.

None of my friends know at all.

I just dont want people telling me bad stuff about it or trying to convince me that i shouldnt do it etc etc.

Im in for a quiet life so i keep it quiet :D


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I didn't tell people last time but this time I have. Most people around me are pretty ok with it and if they don't agree I have managed to either change their minds or tell them I basically don't care what they think.
I wasnt going to tell anyone i was on CD but i am such a 'big gob' that i told everyone haha :D I am terrible lol. Everyone at work knows all my family know and i just told my friends this weekend hehe! Oh well now i have more of a reason to prove to everyone i can do this hehe!! <3 xxx


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Hiya, good question! I told my partner (well discussed it before I took the plunge as it involves him and the kids too), and my mom asked when she saw on my calender all the weigh in days marked!

Mother in law asked on Sat how I managed to drop a dress size since she had last seen me (2 weeks previous)! Felt bad lying, as she is struggling to lose weight with slimming world, so told the truth!

As far as everyone else is concerned, I have cut out the crap and taken up walking (which is all true)!



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the first time i did cd i told no-one, but didn't do well, as knew as no one knew i could cheat:rolleyes:

this time i told everyone..and more times they tell me it won't work the more i dig me heels in too prove em all wrong:D
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most people at work know but most of them are on 1 diet or another anyway
i told my aunt and hubs obviously before i started and have only told other people when they have commented that i have lost weight, still not everyone knows though
mother in law normally comes up every2 weeks and stays for tea but shes not been well so hasnt been since 13 nov and i started CD on 16 nov, ive seen her a couple of times but she hasnt noticed, she will only realise when she sees me without my coat on and when im not eating same meal as her
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the only ppl who know r my friendand her sister who r doing this diet too and my partner and his mom n dad!

dont feel the need to tell any1 else as its none of there business lol :D lol

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I told a couple of friends because they asked what I was drinking. I'm out all day and it's pretty obvious I'm drinking something different! Pity I told one of them coz she's trying to sabotage me...she actually handed me an article today about "crash dieting" and said oh I thought you should see this...the absolute cheek!!! I handed it back to her and said no thanks I think you need this more than I do :D

Other than that my parents know...well just told dad I was finished with it ;) My mam and aunt are using my weight losses to spur themselves on to lose weight.
My family are very supportive as my Mom and cousin have both had great losses on Cambridge. However, I did Lighter Life a couple of years ago (but only stuck to it for 3 weeks!) and my Mom was REALLY against it then, she said it was ridiculous. It wasn't until one of her mates did it and lost a few stone that she tried it herself, now it's the best thing ever. Typical!
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No not this time, there's one work colleague/friend who knows but we don't work in the same building (or town) and at home my hubby, mum and my kids and that's it really - I find it easier not to have to explain. The people I work with think I'm just eating healthily nd cutting out all the junk.


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Yep, I am totally open about it to anyone who asks. Though I must admit I do tell a little white lie and make out I have a meal at home everynight. On the whole everyone is very positive and the results speak for themselves.


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I stared off only telling a few people but now people are noticing I've lost weight and are asking me how, so I tell them. Luckily I have not had any really negative comments, my sister was a bit sceptical when I started as she has seen me start and quit WW/SW multiple times, but she hasn't said anything recently. I think more people at work will be asking soon as I got myself a shaker last week so I could start taking shakes to work instead of tetra's.
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50% of people knew at first....but now i'd say all do ...its gradually come out over the past months that im doing cambridge have had encouragement from everyone bar one person...... a fat person..funny that!


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I've told a few close friends, and that's about it. I don't think my family would be supportive so I've just told my Mum I'm on a 'high protein diet' and said nothing to any other family members.


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My hubby knows (obviously) and is a great support to me. Initially I was only going to tell a good friend of mine as she is really supportive too, however my parents now know as do a couple of other friends. Not told anyone at work, but working nights makes not eating quite easy so they are none the wiser. None of the ret of the family know and when people start noticing weight loss I will just say I am cutting down and cutting out - well I am actually lol

I am finding CD a real struggle anyway and could do without people commenting on it the whole time.


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i,ve told my close family and friends, thats all xx

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