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Have you told your slimming world group..

Mrs V

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Lol...I dont go to class, but have recommended this site to my Mum who goes..she has mentioned it at her class and there are a few ladies on here. No one will know that it is you Hun, unless you use your name or mention the name of consultant and area from.
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I did mention it to one or two, but then regretted it! I wanted to share this fabulous resource...but then I felt a bit weird about it when one girl signed up. Luckily she only used it once then left SW. Lucky for me, not her! LOL! I didn't like her being on here.

You're all MINE and I am keeping you to MYSELF!!! *evil cackle*


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I haven't breathed a word, I'm with Hellie - you're mine all mine!!

I love this site and you guys and I don't want them all bombarding it - they can find it themselves!!!
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! LOL! I didn't like her being on here.

You're all MINE and I am keeping you to MYSELF!!! *evil cackle*

EEK! glad im not the only one.. i'v often thought of sharing my little gem with others, but i just thought i was being selfish in keeping it to myself LOL but i agree.. your all mine! and i feel i can open up and share things i wouldnt with others, and would feel uncomfortable opening up as much, as i would then be aware that they also knew! The people in my group are great, but im not 'close' with any of them other than my best friend who comes with. & she already knows everything anyway.. half the time she knows whats going on with me before i do LOL..

e.g after gaining last night she phoned me this morning, and after asking me if i was okay 3 times, and me going'yeah im fine' .. she was like, but your not really though are you? .. and then explained exactly what i was feeling and why without me even saying anything :eek: LOL, bless her. & then she came round with a pile of magazines and day long run of day time telly to cheer me up. int she lush :D

anyways, back on topic. Your all mine, muhahaha :D


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I have, but no-one seemed interested, so I didn't elaborate. Their loss!


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LOL Fern! It's rather cosy isn't it? I think you should have to find us by yourself! If we let everyone know we're here we'll be overun! And we're such an exclusive bunch :p (that sounds awful!, but I'm sure you take my meaning!)
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Hellie doesn't share food.

I actually go into a bit of a panic if we're out and OH says "can I try yours?". I say yes, but inside I'm screaming NOOOOOOO!!!

I am trying to be more gracious about it, but it's hard!!!


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I did mention it once in my class but the look on there faces was like I had stood up and said I had just eaten a whole box of thorntons lol


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I don't go to class anymore, but don't think I would share this top secret info... that you can find on google... It's like a little secret world where you can't be judged. Fabulous. I'm always talking about you though, usually to my Mum I say things like "the fatties and I were discussing..." or "one fabulous girl from the fatties annonymous forum I'm on told me..." I love it, like a little club or group :D


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I havent told anyone! Like some of you have said it is my little secret!! I find it so motivating and inspirational i want to keep it to myself!!
I would feel a bit strange knowing they were reading my random ramblings!!!!!!
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It can be difficult at times, esp when iv found loads of info out .. e.g last week someone asked about a low syn muffin, i jumped straight ina nd saif i could find a syn free version.. but when my consultant asked me where i got it from, i made up some elabrote story about some girl i knew who spends all her time making recipes and had shared it with me,.. i'm almost ashamed about how easy the lie rolled off my tounge.. my best friend was there and she blatently knew i was lying!!!! :p LOL
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LOL! Fern! Naughty *slaps wrist* I love it that you lied though...

I usually just say 'on the internet' generally...

frugal fifer

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I have not told anyone at class about it, I found it by myself so they can too - not selfish really, more encouraging people to find their own info really! Honest.
Like Hellie, it's just 'on the internet!' Having picked SUCH a ridiculously obvious name and not being able to change it, I would feel really inhibited posting anything about our Group and its activities, great, inspirational and motivating though it is, with a Consultant second to none.

But knowing what takes place at other meetings is SO interesting, to me at any rate - makes me realise how lucky hubby and I are to have joined the Class we have.

So, at least for now, Minimins is MY little secret! I think hubby thinks I've started writing a novel...


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I don't go to class anymore, but a few months back when i did, i mentioned that was in a forum (didn't mention which one) and my consultant told me to watch out, and that i prob won't get accurate information as people dont really know what they are talking about, and that they just don't want to pay for class and get the support there:eek: Ha she can :kissass:. I have had nothing but good friendly advice, support, recipies, and accurate syn values and lots of laughs from all my lovely mates on minimins. xxx

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