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Haven't eaten out for ages. Recommend me?

Please recommend me as I might just go stir-crazy. I am not fussy and will eat anywhere - Of late I plan and cook everything myself and for once, just fancy the change.

Not so much a blow-out - I would like to eat healthy, but let someone else make the decision. What i would do is have a "neutral" breakfast leaving lunch or dinner free to floow any plan. I though of a carvery with loads of veg and lean meat, but the gravy would be syn city!

Perhaps an Indian restaurant would suffice - especially as my usual one know me so well and would accomodate any whims;)

Please recommend me the healthies chicken-based Indian meal - and specifically which things to avoid. I've never eaten out whilst doing SW so don't want to undo my great start.

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Plodding on.......
Hi Steve,

Relatively low syn things are chicken dhansak 6.5 syns, Chicken Jalfrezi 8.5 syns, chicken tandoori 9 syns, chicken rogan josh 6.5 syns although one restaurant I went to, the dhansak was more like a korma type curry so I suspect that it would have been quite a bit higher than that.

Stick to boiled rice ideally (pilau rice is 2.5 syns per 180g serving, although I wonder whether my serving would be more like 5 syns !).

Things to avoid ideally:

Nan bread (plain) - 20 syns each
Creamy curries - korma, passanda etc 16-20 syns,

Biryani is surprisingly high (chicken 12.5 syns, lamb 20.5 syns, veg 11.5 syns).

All these are EE syns. You'd have to try and eat plenty of superfree foods during the day though - can't see you managing 1/3 superfree during an indian !

I have heard people who've spoken to the restaurant and they've done some low fat versions of stuff which I thought sounded brilliant !

Hope you have a fantastic evening and feel good about it afterwards.
Thanks for the detailed reply - brilliant! - Yes, I have a great relationship as been going there for years ans always take friends, work colleagues, relatives etc.

He'll die of shock as it is a standing joke that there's more to Indian food than Onion Bhaji starter, Prawn Madras with Mushroom Pilau and coffee and cream for dessert (or ice cream) - I always ordered that.

He/they will gladly meet any needs and requests I have, which is great.

Does extra easy allow BOTH boiled rice and chicken then? - not sure off the top of my head.

As you said it would be nice to just order, advise and enjoy - and no washing up or planning:)


Plodding on.......
I wish I could remember which thread I saw that someone go to an indian after group and they prepare a particular dish in a SW way ! I'm sure that they would help out if they know you. Might be worth speaking to them before you go when they are a bit quieter.

Just to add to the syns etc for your choices above:

Madras (beef) 11 syns - doesn't give a syn value for chicken but likely to be the same or slightly less I guess.
Onion Bhaji 8.5 syns each
Mango chutney - level tbsp 2 syns

Yes, EE allows both chicken and rice. I love it !! It's basically a combination of Red and Green (ie almost everything that is unlimited on either plan is free food on EE) but you have to make 1/3 of your plate as superfree food (to help limit your intake) and you only get one HEx A and one HEx B per day.

Hope it's fantastic. Let us know how you get on.

Gail x

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