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Having a big bum, hips and thighs 'is healthy'


Why Be Normal?
Hi Jim,

I saw this on the news and was so thrilled. I just knew that I was fit! LOL



Big Boy
LOL, It is good isn't it Min. :)


love it
Yay for fat @rses !!
more comfy to sit on too, tho to be fair i've never had a thin one to make the comparrison


...we're sinking deeper.
Erm... it's not an excuse now, though is it. ;) Such 'news' could promote an 'excuse' culture for being more overweight than necessary, as with all things, there's a limit.
The 'rounded-bottom' theory is in conjecture with the dangers of having an 'apple-shape', which truly isn't healthy because it signifies a fat build-up around your vital organs.

While it is much more healthy to be a normal, healthy weight, with curves (about a size 12-14); anything above starts to become a serious burden on the body - regardless of where the fat storage happens...! Plus - it seems it's a fairly genetic thing. Some people naturally store fat in their bums, some in their tums...! :D
Yay, I am officially super healthy :)