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Having a 'fat' day today....


Shut up Ethel
....which is odd, because I am the lightest weight I have been in years, I am unofficially 'overweight' (am waiting for official WI tomorrow to put the flags out) at 179lb, I am wearing a size 14 jacket and 16 trousers. Trousers are not tight at all, and jacket fits properly (I suspect mis labelled, but who cares).

So why is it that I feel like a monstrous heifer today? I looked down earlier and my thighs seem to me to be the size of Belgium. In the mirrored wall of the lift earlier I looked like an egg on legs. I really, really, feel fat. Rationally I know this is not true - well, not as true as it was 30lb ago.

Why does this happen sometimes??!!! Why am I so weird??!
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Because it happens to everyone. Even supermodels.

Our brains are evil things that play nasty tricks on us

Well done on being your lowest weight for years though! :D


Shut up Ethel
Cheers - am wearing the suit I wore on the first day of this job - in November 2005! I never wore it again post Christmas 05, I'd got too big for it by then.
Because when you were at your highest weight, you probably avoided looking at yourself "too" closely (I know i did), and now you're taking stock of the situation - you're opening your eyes and discovering yourself. I get the feeling all the time. Just tell yourself you're moving forward and away from those thighs and looking to new ones to match those hot shoes of yours! ;) (yes i'm a bit jealous as they are just GORGEOUS)


Shut up Ethel
Hmmmm interesting point - I wonder if this is why I suffer from what I call 'reverse body dysmorphia'...you know when people look in the mirror and think they're fat or ugly when they're not? Well I look in the mirror and think I look ok, yeah, you'll do bird...then I look at photographs and think Oh.My.God. did I really go out like that? What was I THINKING?


Maybe I've just not been looking closely....
I SOOO am like that! I really don't think I'm too bad (no mirrors in the House either). But let me tell you i'm quick as a whip with that mouth o mine when it's to comment on someone else's shape!


WILL be Slim!
as they say at Alton Towers...DONT LOOK DOWN!
I look down and see floppy tits, big belly and fat thighs/calfs....but then in the mirror, it doesnt look as bad! I think when you loko down at your bod, your seeing it in a different perspective!
and agree with a pp, you will have spent a lot of time with rose tinted glasses avoiding the mirrors etc, and now your being doubly harsh on yourself becuase your so aware of your body!
your doing super....keep it going hun xxx


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Its crap isn't it! I'm the lowest weight I've been in years, can fit into size 10 skirts yet I still look at myself and think I look fat, usually when I'm naked lol, in clothes I tend to feel better cos its covered up! I have the classic post pregnancy saggy belly covered in stretchmarks which I hate but covered up it doesn't look too bad!

I think its a woman thing lol, bet lunarjim & richman14 dont do it!!!


Please kick my butt!!
i think i have a fat day whenever i haven't slept well. my body feels heavy and tired and then all i see is fat me!!!
Is it TOTM? I know that I feel just awful when I'm approaching mine, during and after.... I think it's easy to be so self critical about youself, I think it's just natural to go through stages like this, ask your hubby how good you look now, and then :) when he tells you how well you've done and how great you look! that should banish the 'bad' feelings xx
I think its a woman thing lol, bet lunarjim & richman14 dont do it!!!
Don't bet on it. Sometimes I'll catch myself in the mirror on the way back from the shower (naked) and think 'Jeez, huge moobs' or just feel fat and frumpy for some unknown reason. But most of the time I feel brilliant and proud of what I've achieved so far, it's such a rollercoaster this diet!

But I'm doing stuff I know I couldn't do before. The other day I went flying around the climbing frames after my kids at Rough n Tumble, and I even went down the inflatable slide at my parent's house yesterday. Twice. Without it collapsing.


Shut up Ethel
YES!! It wasn't when I wrote the original post, but it is now, as of yesterday and boy its a shocker. Texas Chainsaw Massacre comes to mind. Yikes.

I think that's probably where the 'fat day' feeling came from.

I also have an upset stomach - well, it would be if there was anything much in there to be upset. I've wondered about having my shakes at lunchtime today, as obviously that's dairy and it isn't a brilliant idea, but I am being a bit hardcore this week and don't want to give myself an 'excuse' to eat off plan. So its shake or nothing, and if belly rebels, well then so be it.

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