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Having a 'fat' day

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How long have you been doing sw?! When you say fat day, what do you mean?! Lol sw losses r slow compared to diets like sf but it's a plan to help you eat that way for life! Un like sf which u couldn't possibly be able to drink milkshakes forever and a day with only one meal?!I've been/ done every diet possible and I find slimming world easiest. This time round I'm struggling due to being 30 weeks pregnant but for the 8 weeks bk on sw I've lost 11lb. Keep at it xx


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i know how you feel. ive been going for 5 weeks now and only lost 3.5 pounds. no change for me either. but i have 13 weeks till my hoilday, 1lb a week, thats over a stone.....fingers crossed!!
S: 16st9lb C: 16st9lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Have you been measuring yourself? I think we all go through it hun bur don't give up. How much have you lost so far?!
Some people won't see a difference until they have shed 1 stone, alot of the time with crash diets (sf) is that they lose water which make you feel and look slimmer but isn't real weight loss! I hope you feel better soon x


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You're not on your own. I too am on a 'fat day'. I stayed the same this week and only lost 0.5lb last week. Lost the SW plot since weigh in! 3 cadbury fudge today, no lunch and hardly any vegetables today. The same thing happened when I did WW and I gave up. I love the SW diet but just wish it would work better for me. I had stuck to it to the letter up to yesterday. Help!!!


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I just kept looking at myself in the mirror thinking i look the same as i did 6 weeks ago
Instead of thinking of it this way (which I'm sure isn't true anyway) think about how much bigger you would have looked if you had not been doing SW!

When you were putting on weight could you see the different on a weekly or even monthly basis? Could you look in the mirror in March and tell that you had put on weight in the past month? Probably not as it's something that creeps on over time. And we're so used to what we see in the mirror that we don't notice the changes. It's the same with losing weight as well. I had lost over 2 stone before I started to see the difference.


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Slim fast in my opinion is a quick fix and then once you start putting meals into your diet to come off the slimfast you won't have learnt to eat healthy like slimming world teaches you and you will eventually put weight back on! We all have fat days hun don't beat yourself up! Stick on it look up some recipes, eat light meals nothing too stodgy ie potatoes n pasta as that makes me feel worse when im havin a fat day and think about how much you have achieved so far! Xx
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I've lost 13 lbs And I still can't see it! Lol. And I don't have TONS to lose. I started at 160 and now weigh 147. So I have fat days too. I saw somebody on a different thread say something to the effect of "a dripping faucet still fills a bucket" Very true!

How long were u "fat" before u started SW? my guess is longer than 6 weeks! Hang in there love. Why torture yourself with those icky shakes!!

Clara lou

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Agree with what has been said so far. Everyone has a time when they feel like giving up but stick with it.
Think back to the point when you decided to lose weight and what inspired you.
Keep positive.

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