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Having a moan...looking for advise!

Having looked at my signature I can see that for the past 2 months I have been struggling with gains and losses of about 7lbs. I reached my stone last month but am now back to 1lb away again, with this week being a sts.
What do I need to do to get a nice healthy(big!) loss next week? I drink loads of water, very rarely drink fizzy. I keep within my syns every day. I rarely snack. Although Im a GREENIE i think my problem is not enough superfree at meal times. In fact I know it is. Ive been very busy with work and children lately and most evening I just pop some pasta on and add some sweetcorn and cheese triangles. Apart from 1 night last week, I ate pasta. And lots of it becasue I was hungry and didnt bulk it up with superfree.
I eat fruit throughout the day, melon,apples , bananas and ive been having some cherries as well.
Breakfast is normally 2 weetabix.
Lunch can either be fruit or bulgar with tomatoes, cucumber and onion. Dinner is pretty much pasta, sweetcorn and cheese triangles. :eek:
I also have wine pretty much every night, within my syns. Could this be another stall for weightloss.
Today was last day of * week. Hopeing that could have had an effect ;) But know it was probably the pasta :eek:
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Time to start again!
Try and shake up what your eating by finding new recipes that you can either make in advance then micro when your hungry so you get more variety in your diet... It sounds like you have become stuck in a rut with the same foods...

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I found my weight loss very slow on green and very banged up. Why don't u eat scan bran more? May shift a bit more


Strutting her stuff
Variety in what you eat is hugely important is getting continuing losses. We all have our own challenges to following SW be it work, family, shifts or whatever but the key is being organised and planning. Can you not find some time to cook and then just make more portions to pop in the freezer? There are plenty of low syn or syn free ready or tinned meals that would not take any longer than pasta.

Or you can make a simple tomato sauce in the same time it takes to cook your pasta then vary it in loads of different ways - add red wine, or chilli, or chicken and bacon, or backon and mushrooms, or mince, or courgette/aubergine for a ratatouille, or philly for a creamy version, or mixed pulses for a chilli.

Cooking doesn't have to take ages if you get organised. You could get a big pack of quorn mince and have cottage pie on day one (freezing portions for later), spag bol or pasta bake on day two, and chilli on day three. Just by adding a few extra ingredients each day.

By the way sweetcorn isn't superfree so you are not actually having any superfree at dinner time. But to be honest I think variety is just as important - after all how long can you go on having something as bland as pasta with cheese triangles before you get really bored?
thanks guys, you are all correct.
Am gonna cut down on the free, and increase the superfree with dinner. starting tonight.
also, when i looked back over the week, i saw a few errors. I had a couple of those 3 in 1 coffees ...eeek...a white bread cheese toastie...and some over syns chocolate.
also defo feel the need to up my fibre ıykwim ;)

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