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Having A Rubbish Day


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I don't know if it's because I have time of the month coming soon or what, but today I've just had a lapse of confidence when it comes to the diet.

My babys dad is having roast pork today (one of my faves) and I'm feeling sorry for myself that I can't have any.

I know there are 61 days til Christmas Eve, but even so, I'm just wishing I could have some dinner now lol!

I wont of course, but just feeling a bit low!
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Chin up hun... You are doing really well.. Don't lose sight of the end goal.. You will be fine i am sure.... That Xmas dinner will be worth waiting for when you are sitting down to eat it as a skinny minnie!! lol x x x


Fighting for My Health
Well, actually you can have it, BUT you're going to choose not to because you want to be healthier, slimmer, fitter, etc. All the reasons you can think of as to why you're doing this diet in the first place. I little bit of pork, or whatever food, really isn't worth it to take you away from those dreams ;) Ups and downs are so normal hun (as you know), ride this one out, and an up will be close on the tail of it, and you will feel soooo good to have got through another day - another day closer to your goal :) Stay strong hun ((hugs))

Awwwww sorry you are feeling down Abbie.... While he's is eating have yourself a soak in the bath or something and try and take you mind off it. I always feel better when I pamper myself. keep your chin up babe xx
((hugs)) keep your chin up Hun xx
We're all here for you Abbie, it's horrible when you feel like crap....Kerry's bah idea is a good one though x


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Thanks ladies, I'll be giving the little man his bath at 7pm so I'll probably get in with him.
I laid on the sofa and had a wee nap with him while his dad ate his dinner. I tried to breathe through my mouth to not smell the food lol! Wasn't easy because I started drooling. Oh well, I made it through and feel good for it.

How are you all today? xx


Fighting for My Health
Well done on getting through it Abbie. It's really not easy at times. My house is currently full of yummy smells too, so I've hidden away upstairs on the laptop, and will have a shower in a bit I think :)


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