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having nightmares about eating?

i keep waking up in hot sweats as i have been dreaming that i have been stuffing my face. last night i dreamt i was shovelling chicken down my face last night who thought ating a roast chicken would be a nightmare lol, does any body else experiance this?

kaz xxx​
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lol! I've experienced this before, usually I'd be dreaming and I'd eat a packet of crisps, or something similar, and then I'd 'realise' I was on Lipotrim, and be like "OMG!", and it'd be awful, and I'd wake up like "PHEW, was only a dream!" but it's happened a few times :p
yes thats what happened in mine aswell how wierd
I think I dreamed about food nearly every night for the first month or so. Often I'd wake up and feel guilty because in my dreams I'd always given in and eaten. Never have really though, so maybe it's healthy to cheat in your dreams?



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I did it alot in the beginning, the other night i dreamt someone told me i could eat some peanuts night before weigh in day so i was shoving them in my mouth. I wasn't really enjoying them as the guilt ruined it. Next day when i woke, i didn't want to get weighed as i thought i would have put weight on from the peanuts, the relief when i realised it had been a dream, mental!!
i think its the same theme all round really i think ive only had two nights where i havent dreamt that ive given in. and yes that time when you wake up is awful because you think youve cheated in real life. i keep waking up in the middle of the night after "cheating" lol hopefully itl pass.x


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Its happened to me too! Good to know I'm not alone!
Hi all, It's happened to me on several occasions. Fortunately I'm one of those people who has "lucid" dreams, that's to say I'm aware that it is a dream so I just tuck in and enjoy the experience. Just a shame I can't really taste the food. :sigh: So although no guilt, no real benefits either. So far lost just over 1 stone in a month so worth sticking at it. Lottsa luck everyone. Pat.
Hahaha! I've dreamed of toast a few, dead exciting eh.

My friend who is also doing LT phoned me one morning just before Christmas crying. She said she dreamed that she was stuffing her face with all sorts of Christmas goodies. She woke up in a cold sweat, and thanked God it was just a dream. She went into the bathroom to brush her teeth, looked in the mirror and her face was covered in chocolate! She ran downstairs into the kitchen and the place was like a bomb site! She'd been sleep walking! She'd demolished half a chocolate cake, and a load of crisps and biscuits in her sleep! Poor thing, I felt so bad for her.
poor girl but that is seriously funny could you imagine the chemists face when she told them. i eat my own body weight of chocolate cake whilst i was asleep lmao. i would be devistated

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Bells, I'm also lucky that my flat mates are Med students and spend so much time out on placement so there is literally nothing in my house to eat! The third week is so much easier than the second though so fingers crossed I'll make it to my goal :D
you will do, your doing great.

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