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Hayleys Weight Loss Diary!!

So after reading all your blogs and tips and advice i have decided to go for it and loose this damn weight!!

About hayles: I have always been bigger, but i decided to do something about it about a year ago last xmas, i was getting dressed to go out and after trying on about a million outfits i realised i had lost my shape. I had moved in with my boyfriend and become comfortable and the weight had just crept up and up slowly and quietly without me noticing, the next time i went shopping i couldnt get in the size of trousers i usually buy and refused to buy the next size up. something had to change. i went to see my nurse and she prescribed me Xenical and i joined the gym. I went for regular 4 week weigh ins with my nurse whilst on Xenical, however, the weight only came off very slowly (im more motivated by obvious weight loss). i was really pounding it at the gym and the meals we eat at home are relatively healthy anyway (IM A SNACKER!!:wave_cry:) so there wasnt a massive change.
I decided to come off Xenical a few months ago and in Feb i had to finish my gym contract, (i started my nurse training last september and i just cant afford).
in the mean time i have tried Slimming World, but it just didnt work for me, firstly the money aspect and it was just a lot of hassle for me and i tend to have a very hectic schedule which changes from day to day.

So i ended up here, after seeing a SF advert!I have decided to give it a good go and try and move some weight to try and help myself feel a bit better - i have low self esteem!im only young and should be able to wear all the lovely clothes that are in the shops without worrying and also, when it comes to having babies etc in the future, i want to be in good nick!!

I have the most lovely and supportive boyfriend, however, he is one of those very lucky people that can eat whatever he wants and as much as he wants, do not an ounce of excersize and not put on a pound :jelous:!so i figured somewhere like this forum i can speak to you guys who actually know what im going through and how it feels and also i can keep a track on how im doing myself!!

I look forward to keeping track of all your blogs too and sharing tips and good and bad experiences!!

Hayles :queen: xxx
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Hiya welcome to slimfast,, the forum is a great place for help hints and tips or even that bot up the backside when you feel you need it.
I personally have found the slimfast diet the best i have ever been on im surprised at how well im managing on it and in my first 6 weeks on it ive lost 13.2lbs so im well happy with that as you can imagine, its a very felxible diet as in if it suits you can have shake for brekkie main meal for lunch and shake at night or u can do shake for brekkie lunch and then main meal at night, also the 3 snacks are a brilliant thing to have i tend to eat them in evening when i was always snacking.
hey kazzy, thanks for the welcome! your doing great, if i loose that in 6 weeks i cant tell you how over the moon i would be!!
thats whats attracted me to slim fast tbh, its so easy and with the snacks i wont feel like im missing out if i fancy a bar of chocolate or something!!
Looking forward to starting my journey!ill keep you updated!!



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ill be here reading and supporting you anyway i can
well i have managed to survive my first day :)

i had a shake for breakfast and lunch, i had the ones which you mix yourself and they were surprisingly yummy and filling too!!
i had a packet of SF pretzels late morning just to get me through till i had my lunch shake and am just cooking up my dinner now.
i have managed to get through 1.5ltrs of water so far, i think this has helped with me not feeling so hungry.

Hope all the other newbies that started today had a good first day

Hayles x
Well done hun, sounds like you had a fab first day. ef a fab place if you have any questions or just need a moan :D


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Fantastic first day well done the first step on the road of weightloss
Sounds like your doing ace! The weight is gonna fall off.
day 2 and im strugling a wee bit this afternoon :(

this morning was ok i had a shake for breakfast and an orange mid morning for a snack then a shake for lunch, i have had a packet of SF pretzels this afternoon becuase i went to visit my Grandma and whenever you visit she bombards you with offers of biscuits, cake, pie etc so i took some pretzels with me so i had something to eat instead (and i did).
i have drunk almost 2l of water but just feeling a bit peckish just now, i have made myself a brew and just wondering if its just because its only day 2??or if i didnt feel it yesterday because i was busy?

Anyway got tea planned so i can look forward to that and im going to my kickboxing class tonight, i usually feel better after that!

Moan, moan, moan!!

Hay hun i also started my sf yday.. Wasnt to bad i has sf for breakfast and sf for lunch and tuna pasta for dinner and had 2 digestives through out the day .... Today i had a sf for breakfast and lunch and i am having tuna pasta again for dinner with salad i am struggling to drink water though i havnt even drank a pint of water today xxx
Stick in there, think of how good it'll feel at the end of the week. Sounds like your doing really well!

Im also on my second day and found it a little harder today. Been sat out in the sun this afternoon and that always makes me want a glass of cider or wine.... must resist!!!

Good luck with the rest of your day, stay positive, you can do it!!

dont give up on day 2 it gets easier as your body adjusts to the loss of calories
thanks girls!
Bella, i bought myself a 1l bottle of water and have just been filling that up and putting it in the fridge and then keeping with with me at home and in my bag when i go out and drinking it throughout the day and it seems to go in easier than getting glasses of water and keeping tabs - you might find it easier doing that?! as for excersize, im totally the same, i cant afford and get bored of the gym, i go to kickboxing class once a week with my friend (i wouldn't go alone) but apart from that i struggle for motivation tbh, i would love to be able to run around the local park or something but im always so self concious, and apart from that i dont think i could run a metre!

Lotty and Kaz thanks for the support :D its nice to have somewhere to come when your feeling poo! i do keep just thinking about next monday morning and seeing a loss and if theres one there i will jsut be over the moon!
onwards and upwards :D
i am positive you will have a loss
do you have a wii fit board you could use?
you could even hold a can of beans in each hand and walk up and down the stairs! every little exercise helps :D
today has been a good one too!! i had a shake for breakfast and a banana for morning snack, for lunch i had a little weight watchers quiche, it came just over the calories that are in a shake, i felt like i needed something a bit more because the boyf is working till 7.30pm tonight, so we wont eat till 8pm (IM STARVING) had a boots shapers bar (strawberry nougat - yum) with a drink of cordial this afternoon whilst watching the football. i have only had a 1l bottle of water so far but just got my second one out of the fridge just now so will work my way through that this evening!

The past couple of days i have noticed that i could sleep for england!i dont know if anyone found this in the first week of their SF journey? it might not be the SF at all, i am in Uni for 3 weeks at the mo (lots of free time at home) after being on placement for the last 6 weeks and with the weather being so hot my body might just be taking advantage of having the time to be lazy, i dont know!?

Apart from that, feeling good and positive, looking forward to a little loss on Monday!and my bloody tea tonight!!

Hayles x

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