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Hazel's food diaries

Right, I've never done one of these but as I haven't got any paper food diary sheets I think this might work out. Really looking forward to getting lots of ideas on here.

Thursday - Mix 2 Max

Breakfast - bacon and egg

Lunch - packet low fat supernoodles, Activia ff yogurt, fruit. G

Snack - 2 alpen light bars HEB
3 cups coffee HEA

Tea - Chilli con carne with rice using mince as HEB and 28g ff cheese HEA

Syns - Wine 3
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I might do this today but I'm not sure if I can be bothered. It means going out to the shops for one. If I don't do it today then def tomorrow.

Friday - Red

Breakfast - HEB weetabix minis and banana

Lunch - Poached smoked haddock and eggs and toast HEB

Tea - Soy glazed Steak and stir fry veg

Snacks - Yoghurt, fruit, ham and cottage cheese roll ups

Syns - Iced cupcake 15??
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Hi Donna. No Mix to Max is not the same as EE. M2M is 3 meals a day and only snack on superfree foods. You can have either red or green meals and you can use any of your 4 HEs throughout the day. So you could have bacon and eggs for breakfast - red, then pasta for lunch - green, then steak for tea - red. If you want to use your potatoes as a HE with your steak then thats fine and if you wanted to use some chicken as a HE with your pasta then that is fine too. I use it all the time and it works well for me as I like the variety. You just have to watch you don't snack on non-superfree food like having a a packet of savoury rice as a snack. Hope that is clear. Just holler if you need to ask anything.

I just made the chilli soy steak and it was gorgeous!!!! I posted the recipe on the Summer sizzlers bit.
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Saturday - Mix2Max

Breakfast - Poached smoked Haddock and eggs and 2 slices 400g toast - HEB

Lunch - none! Maybe supper?

Tea - Prawn curry (142g prawns HEB) with rice

Snacks - Yogurt, fruit

Syns - Chocolate brownie 10??
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My baby boy is almost 11 months old - but sadly my brain does not want to function anymore lol! Am 40 next April - maybe I have hit my sellby date. Thanks for your message about syns/heb have answered you on my diary - not intentional just can't fit it all in (but am trying to "hide" it in recipes). Looking forward to prawn curry pic, donna x
Thanks Donna. Durr at me. I realised as soon as I went on your diary you already had baby.

Sunday M2M

Breakfast - weetabix minis HEB with banana and milk HEA

Lunch - Packet Batchelors low fat supernoodles

Tea - Lime and soy fried scallops and salad

Snacks - fruit, alpen bars HEB, yoghurt

Syns - ice cream, cake errrrmmmmm 10-15 syns?? I really need to stop picking at stupid things I don't know the syn allowance of. Next week will be my proper start after the initial weigh in so target for next week - NO PICKING.
Monday 12th July - RED

Breakfast - Bacon, egg, mushrooms

Lunch - bacon and rocket salad and ham

Tea - Parmesan chicken c/o Donna with free veg (cheese as HEA Breadcrumbs as HEB)

Snacks - fruit, milk in coffee HEA, Alpen Bars HEB

Syns -0
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Really nice isnt it - my family love it! Had really busy day today, do you work Hazel? I work for my local council, finding it really hard as I work 6 on, 2 off, I'm on reduced hours for now, and fingers cross (waiting for HR rubber stamp) I go 3 full days Mon, Tues, Weds and home thu, fri, sat and sun!!!! Do you just have the one child? We have Megan (10 going on 30!) and big gap (was told we were infertile after a miscarriage 8 years ago) and Noah appeared
Hi Donna, I have two children, Lily - 7 and Elijah - 2. I gave up teaching 6 years ago and not worked since. I went for a full time teaching job a couple of weeks ago and got an interview but suddenly panicked and realised it wasn't right to go back yet so turned down the interview. Am I mad?? So at home a lot which is good as you get time to plan food etc but getting a bit stir crazy now lol.

Tuesday 13th July - Green

Breakfast - Weetabix minis (HEB) and banana

Lunch - Packet savoury rice and egg omlette

Tea - Veg Curry and rice or spagetti carbonara using quorn bacon rashers

Snacks - Hi fi bar (HEB), fruit

Syns - 0 (Saving for 25syn slice of carrot cake from Costa coffee tomorrow)

Well last night was my initial weigh in at the new group and I am 13 lbs out of target - no big surprise. Really that was an interim target so I really need to lose another stone on top of that. So I have just under two stone to lose. Here we go again!
Well I had the spag carbonara and was really pleased with the result. It used a quark, parmesan and egg yolk mix which with some of the water from the pasta melted beautifully and not like yoghurt recipes that separate. Will def make it again. I'll post a pic on the recipe pics thread.
Wednesday 14th July - green

Breakfast - yoghurt, plum, banana

snack - hi fi bar

Lunch - breaded mushrooms and onion rings HEB

Tea - veg curry and rice

syns - carrot cake from costa coffee 24, 4 mikados - 2syns = 26 total.
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Poo I was hoping you'd had the chicken cake for dinner last night cos I saw you post elsewhere. Think I am going to attempt it tonight but I'm wondering if its a bit dry? and can't decide what to serve it with.

I think I would love to give up work but when I'm there I really enjoy it, I work 6 on 2 off, I've found it really hard since I returned from maternity leave, however, my employer has agreed to my 3-day week - hooray! So from September I shall work Mon-Weds and be home Thurs-Sunday - am so happy at the prospect of this! I found I lost my confidence being at home and was very nervy about going back but once you are back your "professional" head switches back on (if you know what I mean!)
Yes I totally get you. I think once my boy is in school I will start looking into going back. I was thinking I might go into school and voluntarily shadow someone in the dept for a bit to get my confidence back but I'm not sure I want to go back to the classroom. No have not made the chicken cake yet. I found out that morrisons eat smart sausages are now syns??? Terrible that! I will try it soon though.
Thursday 15th July RED

Breakfast - Weetabix minis (HEB)

Lunch - Bacon salad

Tea - Lamb skewers and veg curry. Lamb skewers have chopped up babybel in them (HEA)

Snacks - fruit, Hifi bar (HEB), coffees (HEA)

Syns - 1 Jaffa Cake 2 1/2, 1 mikado 1/2, Crunchie 10. Total= 13
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