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HD WI Wk 21


Eloquent hooligan
-2lb :)

I'm still eating a high protein / v low carb meal per day & still mullering the gym & gaining muscle / toning up & my 32" jeans & trousers are deffo getting baggier so whilst the weight loss isn't amazing on paper the net result in gaining muscle AND the weight loss is great :D

I've ordered myself another 42 shakes as I still prefer these for breakfast & lunch (especially on the weekend - LOVE waking up to a choc mocha shake :D) - this may be my last lot of shakes... see how it goes ;)

Hope everyone's WIs & programmes are going well... I love LT - it fuggin rawwwwwks :D

Talking of of rawwwwkin this tune is stuck in my head :D

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Don't Stop

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is loving the soup?!
Well done, that is fantastic! I know what you mean about the choc mocha too!
Here's to another great week for you x


on the up lol
well done HD,
still doing great as always :D Good on ya :p
LMAO -I'm currently beating a much appreciated mocha shake into me now!

WELL DONE ON THE LOSS!!! You're such an inspiration!

p.s. Love the intro to that song! :D


a new way of living!
well done, great news for me as i am adding a meal a day soon, so pleased it has gone so well for you.

do you ever get tempted to over do the eating or is the fact you are now eating still a novelty? ;)



Is Irrepressible!! : )

Well done on your WI you are doing so, so well xx

As for the song........ I love it!! One of my faves off that album. Rockin'!!


Eloquent hooligan
Cheers all :)

@ Blondie :) Foods still slightly a novelty to me - I deffo find myself getting full much easier than before... also I've just been eating 'real' food... ie cuts of meat / fillets of fish on a bed of leafs... I'm determined not to get back into the habit of eating processed rubbish :)

The salad is SO tasty without added dressing... just a pinch of salt & turn of cracked pepper (or if I'm feeling devilish a bit of Worcs sauce)... :D

I had spare ribs in honey last Friday night & that fair took my head off :D Sensory overload !
Well done howdy you done so well xxxxxxx


Love God; Love People
Well done howdy, keep up the good work!


a new way of living!
I had spare ribs in honey last Friday night & that fair took my head off :D Sensory overload ![/quote]


I can well imagine, I nicked a bit of melted cheese off my mates pannini yesterday, melted emmental at that, I almost passed out! there was also a greasy aftertaste though that hung around for ages so I guess i'll be skipping the melted cheese in future and stick to aldi's low fat, which incidentally, if you can have cheese, it the best cheese I have had, full fat included!

looking forward to eating and still losing weight, I really want that sense of being in control.

:D H


Is thinking positive!
Well done sweetie, You are doing fantastic :):)