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  1. howdy-doody

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    A big fat zero !:eek::confused:

    No idea why... I haven't cheated per se... I haven't eaten any foods that aren't allowed (I only eat meat / fish / salads / birrov cheese)...

    Mebbes my portion size was too big (ooerrr)... I'm gonna start a food diary to see if I can pin-point what the issue is.

    Typically I have

    Breakfast - shake
    Lunch - small salad bowl (grated courgette, mushrooms, tuna & cheese)
    Snack - apple (but I realised these contain 9 g of carbs on their own !)
    Dinner - salmon or meat on rocket (does include a portion of lemon / pepper low fat butter that gets lobbed into the cook bag at the supermarket.
    Supper - choc shake
    Snack - apple (!) or more salad leaves.

    I've stopped with the apples & will look at the size of my portions...

    Anyhoos - hope every one has a better WI than me :D x

    PS I'm foolishly doing a sponsored skydive in March for charity so will be posting details where you lovely people can sponsor me to go & take a running jump :D x
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  3. noodlesjen

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    Oh never mind hun, I tend to agree with you about the portion sizes - I dont think the guide is explicit enough on exactly how much you should really eat...:(
    Im sure you will do much better next week and I know it doesn't make you feel better but at least you haven't gained :eek:
    Its my 1st weigh in tomorrow and apart from 1 bag of quavers - :confused: - ive been really good!
  4. Toots

    Toots Gold Member

    On the plus side you haven't put any on! Hang on in there and I bet you'll have a fab loss next week

  5. alison1256

    alison1256 Full Member

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    Hey Howdy - I bet you get a great weight loss next week and at least you've not gained. You've lost 16lbs so far and that is wonderful - well done x

    Your food diary seems perfectly fine to me but I'd agree with maybe having one or no apples a day to see if that makes a difference.

    As for your skydive - brave you! I'll definately sponser you so I'll keep an eye out for the details.

    Have a great week x
  6. slimceleb

    slimceleb Full Member

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    I stayed the same on my 3rd weigh in.. and other than not drinking the full 2L for four days I stuck to it fully... I presumed it was my water intake so this week i've been glugging for england... will be interesting to see what next weigh in brings, am determined not to step on a scale until thurs!

    good luck next time, hope it makes up for the slight disappoinment

    thanks for the info on carbs in apples, I didnt know that! not particularly keen on them anyway so will stick mainly to pears, plums, nectarines and tangerines for fruit

    I miss my bananas.. even more than bread!! :(
  7. Porgeous

    Porgeous Chilling

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    Keep going hun, sometimes we get sts for no real reason but it will shift if you keep at it - menu looks rather tasty to me and can't see anything obvious.

    Skydive ... you brave thing you!

  8. mathswiz

    mathswiz Always Struggling...

    Omg Porgeous! You look lovely! You have done so well!

    Are you on CS? Or shall I say "were" you on CS (since you look like you're at goal weight!)?!

    How much did you lose and how long did it take you?!

    Well done! You've inspired me today! :D
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  9. mathswiz

    mathswiz Always Struggling...

    Wow! You've done really well losing 16 lbs so far, Howdy!

    If you stick with it, I am sure you will lose in the coming week :)

    The body might need some time to catch up with the scales! Just don't give up! Think of how much you have achieved so far.

    Good luck with the sky dive...you're a braver person than me! :D
  10. size102b

    size102b Banned

    Hi Hd maybe as you say its the Apples it says 1/2 in the book?
    Im worried that this wont work but hey we have to try...........
    Maybe drink 3 litres of water I know at LL they sy men should drink more water but not too much?
    Keepig my fingers crossed for week 4 for U x
  11. Emily2009

    Emily2009 Full Member

    Celebrity Slim
    hey, that is a sh*t one considering you have been so good! ive no idea why thats happened, but in the grand scheme of it 16lbs in 3 weeks is phenomenal so honestly keep going and hopefully you will do great this week!
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