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He heeee - Ketosis, Day 1


Slowly but surely x
I always go into Ketosis dead quick on this diet and in one day I did it.
Normally its two days but just now I was sat on the sofa, sipping my millionth water when I felt so cold.
I thought "NO???!!!"
So I did a pee stick test and "OH YES! - Pink"

Now let me tell you why I go in ketosis really quick.
Ive gorged on them since I stopped in January and before I started fully in October I was a carb loving carby carberson.
Today, I have had no carbs - just a bar, a shake, water, one tea and a bit of chicken (Im on 810 - always have done it... my fave!). I have one shake to go.
Its weird but thats just me.
Becuase Ive gone into ketosis so quick with no headaches today AT ALL, I think Ill manage to stick this out down to ten stones.
Will test myself tomorrow again, just incase pee stick is lying but I am frozen - so it has to be.
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One day at a time!
Wow, lucky you. Know what you mean about cold though - I was really freezing a couple of days ago:( Good luck with seeing it through this time to reach your goal weight:)


Slowly but surely x
Jammy Moo!!

Am on Day 21, and cant seem to stay in ketosis for long!! Not sure, but it could be the biscuits??!!

LOL - serious....are you munching them on this diet?!!!
You want to know a good fix and still keep you in ketosis? Either spoonful of philadelphia or a spoonful of wholegrain peanut butter. neither of them kicked me out of ketosis (remember, Im doing 810 as well). Its not recommended of course but it never harmed my losses.


Slowly but surely x
It's funny, you know, because even though I'm frozen on a night in ketosis..... But first thing in the morning I am scorching hot. I'm so hot right now, it's like I'm on holiday.
usually day 4 when ketosis kicks in for me , lm freezing all the time sitting on top of fire and even put eletric blanket on at night


Slowly but surely x
well deffo ketosis...........i am lucky buut then carbs are my weakness, my body simply goes into meltdown after one hour without them

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