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Head up bum syndrome!


Silver Member
Well I've started today & my head is well & truely up my bum! I've got no concentration whatsoever & I'm absolutely starving marvin!

I also want to murder my df & he's done nothing wrong!

I've got half a shake left to have. My kitchen is absolutely spotless! Because eatins cheatin I've had to keep myself really busy!

I've also made df & ds1 tea..... Roll on day two. I know it's going to get worse before it gets better too! x
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Aww, stick with it, it's tough for the first few days but it does get better - honestly - and it will be worth it.
All the best xx
It will get better - have been on CD since end of June and tried WW & SW before. This is the easiest diet I have done, simply because I don't have to think about food. This is very much helped by my husband who is now cooking for himself after 29 years of marriage. I am pleased to say he has also lost 2 stone as he 'doesn't have to eat the c**p' I have been cooking him! He has seriously regretted that comment since! I have lost 2st 9lb but am nowhere near as comitted to the gym as he is. By the way my first post -hence rambling on!:)
Ha my hubby is cooking for himself for the first time in 8 years, we will see if I continue to let him do it himself after I start eating again!


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I'm finding that I'm looking forward to making my shakes just to actually FEEL like I'm making myself something to "eat"....

I had a double espresso when I got up even though I cannot stand coffee! It supressed my appetite mind, although the caffiene high made me stick to the ceiling a little bit! I've not been brave enough to have one since. Will do it again in the morning. lol


Back on the wagon
Blimey - a double espresso first thing! You were brave! I have just realised - I haven't had a cuppa all day!

Good luck, like you say it will be worse before its better but will be soooooooooo worth it!

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