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Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by pumpkinoune, 5 September 2009 Social URL.

  1. pumpkinoune

    pumpkinoune Full Member

    has anyone noticed any health improvements since starting Lipotrim?

    I am not out of breath anymore, i have more energy, can walk more, can walk up the stairs quicker than before. I used to suffer because even when walking a bit i was out of breath.
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  3. pestydebz

    pestydebz Full Member

    Yes i have apart from getting tired quicker i do actually walk weekends and don't get hot and bothered and keep up without lagging behind lol and walk more miles now

    so it's all good

    debz x
  4. kellywobble

    kellywobble Full Member

    I dont get out of breath as easy, but if I walk to far or even upstairs I feel quite sick and sometimes very light headed.
  5. Determined Girl

    Determined Girl Here's hoping

    yes I feel much better health-wise (but then that's probably due to starting the gym too)

    saying that....everyone is saying how great my skin looks...and if the outside is a reflection of internal health I must be getting healthier!

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