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Health Meal Ideas


I am pulling my hair out as to what to eat as I am very picky about food.

I know this is going to sound cliche but I cannot stand the taste of salad or vegetables. I've more than 'given them ago' but my taste buds will not get used to / tolerate the taste to the point I bork whilst eating them or oven be sick. I have tried everything to like or tolerate the taste by using dressing to disguise the taste which actually makes it worse. Fat or thin, salad is always going to be a no go zone with me. As for vegetables, I only like carrots, swede and peas.

It doesn't just stop at salad and veg, there are other things that I dislike and cannot tolerate either such as mushrooms, onions, peppers, fish, tuna, prawn. There is more but I can't think right now.

As you can see this limits the type of meals that I eat, and often have the same repetitive meals because I literally can not think of anthing else.

What I do eat:

Jacket Potatoe with beans and a boiled egg.
Low fat pasta.
Sunday roast beef / chicken with baby potatoes, carrots, swede, peas and gravy.
Spag bol / homemade.

That's pretty much it. I get so bored of eating the above that I cave and order takeaway.

I've looked online for healthy eating and the few that I have spotted that look edible take too much time to prepare.

Any advice?
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I've very into sandwiches at the moment. The Weightwatchers bread has 50 to 70 calories a slice and I'm having that with cold ham, chicken or beef. I'm slipping in slices of tomato and cucumber but you can leave those out of course. Then there are wraps, pittas, tortillas, all at about 100 calories each. Makes a change from potatoes and pasta.


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I just try and hide the veg by cutting up small and mixing it In with mince/ stews / pasta sauce it works for my daughter and she eats most of it, however I think if ur cooking it and know it's in then not sure how well that would work on yourself


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"Jacket Potatoe with beans and a boiled egg.
Low fat pasta.
Sunday roast beef / chicken with baby potatoes, carrots, swede, peas and gravy.
Spag bol / homemade."

You can use those basic ingredients for loads of different meals, but I do agree lack of variety gets very boring! I'm quite a fussy eater, I hide my veg mainly.

You've said you eat chicken and beef, could you make a soup with these, whizz up the veggie so they're a puree and flavor to your choice with stocks, herbs, chicken etc, if you make the majority of the veg something you like (like carrots) you'll be surprised at how little you can taste the other veg!

You can make chips with the potatoes, season however you like - lots of different flavors.
Scramble the eggs, use the beans, add some bacon and tomato and you have yourself a healthy English breakfast
Shepherds pie, chilli or soup using the beef mince/quorn etc

I don't mean to sound patronizing, I know you've said you've tried veg, but have you tried them all? I found that I didn't like mainstream veggies but ones I always assumed without trying that I'd hate like butternut squash I really liked! I'm not saying keep trying the ones you don't like, but there are thousands of odd veggies out there, one might take your fancy!

There's so many recipes out there, and lots of ingredients that don't have to be veg! Think of all the things you can do with a chicken breast!

If you want some more in-depth recipes, feel free to PM me with a list of all the stuff you don't like (from one fussy eater to another!) and I'll see if I can give you some ideas!