Health Warnings On Bigger Clothes


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Blimey! I just got thinking how impressed I had of been if they printed the number of my local curry house in my clothes.

i think its a rubbish idea. overweight people know they need to lose weight! they dont need the humiliation of being told so by their own clothes.

I know smoking can kill me and when they started plastering it all ver my packets, it was no shock to read it. the only good i think the ciggie packs do is that young children see it.

the clothrs thing tho, i think its insenitive. I personally aint offended but imagine it could make others feel as such?


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That's awful Mike.

They need to do something before people get big ........... or something constructive when they have. All this does is help perpetuate the feelings of hatred that we have for ourselves when we are overweight.

Smokers have some degree of choice as to smoking - ie if they give up they never need pick up another cigarette again. If you manage to lose lots of weight - you still have to eat and where as it should be healthy etc ....... we all know that's easier said than done! (Ps hope I've not offended any smokers here!)


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Ouch...I don't like that :(

I must admit, I do like the warnings on the fags. Even though I knew what a killer they were, when they started putting the warnings on, it did keep pricking at my conscience. The difference is that cigs are dangerous. Should carry a health warning.

Clothes aren't dangerous. Besides...they suggest putting a warning on size 16 clothes:eek: Many of my clothes are size 16. Yet my doctor tells me not to lose any more weight and my body fat is lower than average.

Putting a helpline number on my clothes?? I'd be mortified. A fantastic way of kicking any little tiny bit of confidence out of me that I might have found after losing my weight.


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i saw this on another forum i use.

perhaps they should put health warnings on crisp packets and sweet wrappers. it would have a bigger impact than terrorising us with 'fat bastard' on the label of our clothes.

i mean..its bad enough having to buy larger clothes...we know were obsese..i used to cut the labeels out of my clothes to hide the fact i was wearing a size 22 skirt

we maybe need the shock tactics on the food lables to try to help us make healtheir choices.

im all for mars bars having in big capital letters 'can cause obesity' on the wrapper!!

i think this would be a great idea to help children/teenangers stop eating so much junk food.

or adverts like the antismoking one on the telly...where all that orrible gloopy stuff is dripping off the end of the that did make me think about the amount i was smoking.

i wonder if we ran an advert which showed a young pretty teenanger rapidly changing into a morbidly obese adult would have a better impact than putting a label on my tshirt


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Everytime I walk round Tesco and look at the nutritional value of food you realise just how much "orange" and "red" food is out there. We need much better labelling, food education and also the supermarkets need to help us with portion control, I bought a salad made up yesterday that was clearly a one person portion but it was labelled as 170 calories, when you read it that was for half of the salad and I mean it was literally tiny! Poor poor poor...

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LMAO Devonbabe you certainly have a way with words! the "fat bastard" remark made me spill my coffee!!!!!!
I entirely agree with everything you've written though, maybe I'll be sending off a few irate emails saying much the same thing to those boffins who come up with all this guff!! (don't actually know which particular boffins actually proposed this but will defo send an email to someone) LOL

Mike, I agree totally about the food labelling issue, sometimes you think you've been doing really well and then you really study the packaging and realise the values quoted are for a quarter of the pack *eeep* No blinking wonder some of us put on weight so darned easily!!!!

Amendment : Now I know who the useless boffins are I shall endeavour to find a contact email for them and bombard them with all of the above points!!!!!!

The report was put together by Laurence Gruer, director of public health science at NHS Health Scotland, and Sir George Alberti, emeritus professor of medicine at Newcastle University.
Glasgow University professors Naveed Sattar and Mike Lean also contributed to the report, which calls for a wider acceptance of drugs and surgery as ways of cutting the health risks that stem from obesity.

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I am going to pen a suitably annoyed response to the below "researchers" feel free to join me, (please no abuse, I want to really let them see that we have a voice and we also have serious contributions as in Devonbabes above post), the ideas in DB post are much more constructive than those put forward by the "experts" so I want them to think about the ideas seriously.

Firstly the contact info for Laurence Gruer:

[email protected]

I can't find "Sir" Albertis personal email so will email the contact below (as found on the university page).


For all matters regarding Faculty Research contact:

Lois Neal,
Assitant Registrar (Research Strategy),
Faculty Research Strategy Group,
Faculty of Medical Sciences,
University of Newcastle upon Tyne,
Newcastle upon Tyne,

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 222 5380
Fax: +44 (0) 191 222 5164
E-mail: [email protected]


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Do these idiots not realise that if people are buying these bigger size clothes it may be a tiny bit too late with the warnings. It should not be the clothes we wear, the approach is totally wrong, they should try the food that is eaten with high fat, calories etc that needs the warnings.
This is just another way of putting us down when we need help and support.

SONKIE :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


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How very very dare they!

I am fuming!

How horrific it is to but bigger clothes at the best of the times and now, the big knobs with nothing better to do - have to rub salt into open wounds...

Thanks Mike for this...


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Very good point cdthing, it's just as unhealthy to be underweight, but as usual the overweight are being used as societys whipping boys, grrr it really makes my blood boil, I bet none of the research staff have ever struggled with their weight because if they had any true insight into life as an overweight person they'd know that tactics like this would have a lot of us reaching for the biscuit tin to find solace, I am also one who has resorted to removing the labels from my clothes to 'hide' the fact that they were (whatever size they happened to be at the time) ... Imagine having to face the fat fact every time you get dressed in the morning!

I still haven't emailed them as I am waiting until I am calm enough to write a rational response, if I did it the way I am feeling now I may just send off a page full of expletives LOL


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Obesity labeling on clothing stinks of major discrimination:eek:

Will alcoholics, drug addicts, sex addicts, gambling addicts, workaholic, extreme sports addicts were clothing to show that they are addicted as well and have a problem or is it just one section of the population to have the finger pointed at it!!!:mad:

We could have clothing that reacts to the consumption of alcohol and other such stimulation and when it reaches a certain level the chemical in your clothing changes colour so that everyone knows you have hit your limit!!!

Your clothing could turn colour to say what mood your in and what you have ate today...Where would it stop:confused:

Karion's point about clothes size is very valid as we have already seen here we could be the same weight but the size in clothing varies from each person and if they are going to stick it on large clothes then they should do it on the smaller sizes as well as it does cut both ways.

Banning the placement of sweets and fatty snacks at or near shop tills and at child's eye level;

I am all for this...banning the placemet of sweets and fatty snacks at or near shop tills and at child's eye leve!!!!

:: Taxing processed foods that are high in sugar or saturated fat;

Against this as this is just another tax and as always the less well off will be the first to feel it:mad:

:: Introducing health checks for all school leavers, both primary and secondary;

Well I think this is a good idea providing that it is a full medical and not just about weight:rolleyes:

:: Allowing new urban roads only if they have safe cycle lanes;

This should be mandatory that every town and city has cycle lanes not just new urban roads!!!! Not only would it encourage more out to use their bikes, but would help everyone as it would cut down on car usage and reduce pollution.:)

:: Establishing a dedicated central agency responsible for all aspects of obesity. :(

This will be probably turn into another red tape, money eating, paper pushing exercise in avoiding tackling the problem at ground level...

Money would be better spent teaching children how to cook in junior schools and get them interested in food and their health as part of their life style for the future. I think Jamie Oliver is the leader in this field, give him the money and back him.:D

And spend money on more childrens play grounds and swimming pools and sports centres for children and out door activities for teenagers, interesting things like learning how to rally drive, rock climb, skate, golf, tennis,etc., as not every kid likes just football.

And while they are at it reduce the weight of books in children's school bags as I know in this country the weight is crippling to carry.:mad: Never enough lockers, if any...

In order for the Government to lead the way they should begin by setting good example and encourage their own members along with the medical profession to stop smoking and lose weight themselves.:D

Rant over!!!


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Well said Mini! Thank you for that as I wanted to respond in the same way but am under a time limit to get out of the house to buy my oversized outfit for Christmas Day!!!!

I am absolutely fuming about this ludicrous and downright, offensive suggestion! :( And, I'm sorry, but this is in no way the same as smoking! :( :(


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By the way...just before I dash off....As both an occassional smoker and anti-smoker (?? figure that one out!!) I do agree with the labelling on fag packets and also that more should be done to stop people smoking. HOwever, smoking much like obesity needs to be stopped in its tracks at the the young kids who think its cool.

Totally agree that the lack of playing fields and sports activities for kids in schools, poor health education etc are to blame for both obesity and smoking.....

I suppose now that I've calmed down a bit...I am saying that they are quite similar but obesity is such a complex issue that clothes labelling is just out of order!


Gobsmackingly offensive!

Can you imagine how (for example) Evans, who've worked so hard to make plus sizes sexy and attractive, will react to this?


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Gobsmackingly offensive!

Can you imagine how (for example) Evans, who've worked so hard to make plus sizes sexy and attractive, will react to this?


Its as good as treating people like need to buy this size 26 top?? do ya? do ya? then YOU ARE FAT - HERES THE NUMBER - GET THE WOBBLY ASS IN SHAPE...NOW. Signed The Nanny State. if people buying a size 26 actually want to buy that size and THINK its a size 10...




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I don't think smoking and obesity are the same at all.

When you smoke, you are just a person 'who happens to smoke' .. unless you happen to be walking along with a ciggie in your hand, nobody would actually know you were a smoker.

When you are obese, it pervades every aspect of your life from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until you escape it by closing your eyes at night. There's no getting away from it and when you walk down the street, you wear your 'addiction' for all to see.

The last think you need is to be further beaten over the head with the fact every time you buy a T-shirt.

Number one [email protected] idea in the list of history's [email protected] ideas!


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When you are obese, it pervades every aspect of your life from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until you escape it by closing your eyes at night. There's no getting away from it and when you walk down the street, you wear your 'addiction' for all to see.

I see obesity as an emotional response to pain rather an addiction but thats neither here nor there - for me an obese person carries their pain for all to see - its a beacon and lack of understanding is immense... and thats where it really really hurts to add insult to an already hurting person to LITERALLY Label...

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