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Healthiest oil to cook with?


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Hi Everyone

just after some advice as I am this for the long hall!!! Am trying to eat lot of fresh meats and veggies lots of food that isn't processed and lots of natural foods.

I have been using the 1 cal spray to do veggies in the oven sweet pot wedges but my little boy (18 months) also eats what we eat and with all the other added ingredients in the spray I am not sure it that great!

I also use extra virgin oil oil, I know they are more cals than the spray oil.

Just wonder what you would recommend-thank you xxx
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One if the healthiest oils is coconut oil. It's sold in jars. Not always cheap though
Otherwise why not use the spray olive oil you can buy. That way you'd use less. But definitely better than frylight with all if the emulsifiers

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I may have some answer to this question (albeit a bit late given that I've just joined:)). For your salads and foods which don't require high temperature cooking, I'd recommend extra virgin olive oil (if it's cold-pressed it is better as it retains more nutrients, etc.), though for frying or cooking in general I feel that the healthiest option would be rapeseed oil as it has higher than olive oil smoke-point and therefore it is less likely to become carcinogenic before your food is ready.

As to using coconut oil, I seem to remember reading somewhere that it has high amounts of omega 6, so providing that you have a diet rich in omega 3 (fish, etc) then it would be a good option. Though most western diets are not rich in omega 3, therefore I wouldn't use it in too great a quantity to maintain the omega 3 to omega 6 balance - but I may be a bit obsessive here. Anyway coconut oil has a delicious slightly sweet flavour, so it is excellent with roasted carrots or parsnips and if you have any indulgence days roast potatoes are great with it ;-) .


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Most of the time I use extra virgin olive oil, for frying sunflower oil and for breakfast, rice dishes and soups butter.

I never use margarine.


Hi there,

For cooking i will prefer Olive Oil, since it has lots of health benefits. It is good for skin & it helps to reduce weight.


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Coconut Oil

Every oil (except coconut oil) when heated becomes unhealthy for you. Olive oil is amazing to have unheated straight onto a salad, so healthy for you, but coconut oil is the only one to do you good when it's heated. You can buy it in spray cans and jars. I use it on everything - cooking, grilling, baking. It adds a hint of coconut in there somewhere but you can barely tell the difference! It's also one of the best oils to barbecue with. I went to a health retreat and they said when olive oil is heated it actually goes rancid. I couldn't tell you the chemical reactions but there you go.

Happy eating!


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Olive oil or sunflower are both fine surely? The key is moderation. You can buy spray bottles and decant your oil into them so you don't use too much :) then you know what the ingredients are too instead of the low cal sprays.


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I also use olive oil spray and coconut oil. The coconut oil really enhances the flavor too of anything you cook with it.