Healthiest Takeaway?!


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Just a quick question, looking for some suggestions. I am meant to be having a monthly boys night in with some friends of mine and we traditionaly tend to get a takeaway in. I am more than prepared to forego it and make up some excuse but I was wondering if there is any takeaway that isn't as bad as the others?

Chinese, Indian, Pizza or Kebab? KFC even? Anything really. I know most of them are not good but perhaps there is something I can have. Was thinking that a small chicken shish in Pitta Bread (i.e. grilled chicken and a bit of salad) but not sure...
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your right all of them are very bad.

e.g. the red chicken masala people have from indians, if only they knew how much cream, oil, fat, sugar and butter goes into one of them, then also the pillow rice they have with it is also made with alot of oil.

however, if you go for an indian i would recommend one of the grilled products, such as shashlik. Also i would recommend you ask for plain white rice as opposed to pillow rice (white rice is just boiled rice).

something like chicken and chips is really really bad. The chips have a huge total surface area, the more surface are, the more oil being absorbed, so a portion of chips with chicken will contain a lot of oil. Pizza is quite bad because of all the cheese they add.

In a decent chinese or indian, you can order alot of things and ask for the chef to use a little less oil and he will sort you out.

But in the end, you need to live a little. You cant completely ban these items from your intake, otherwise you may loose motivation.

But you will get there, I know you will and believe in your self.


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Chicken shish kebab is a great option, usually coming in at around 350 cals for a small one if you avoid the mayonaisy sauces.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka with salad is about the best option for Indian, but the yoghurt sauce that goes with it can hide a surprising amount of cals unless you make your own with plain yoghurt and a spot of mint sauce. Anything else indian is not going to be good news. Likewise for chinese.

Fish and chips with small chips coems in at around 750 cals, which isnt exactly saintly but a good filling meal and feels like its a naughty treat. Try not to eat too much batter though around the fish. or blot it on kitchen paper.

Kfc chicken is always horribly greasy to me, so I would think not a good option, its also very salty which you really notice when you have been eating much healthier food for a while.
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S: 29st8lb C: 26st2lb G: 18st0lb BMI: 45.7 Loss: 3st6lb(11.59%)
Thanks very much. Think its just best to err on the side of caution and either eat stuff without sauces etc an have small amounts of it if we get stuff from somewhere like an Indian/chinese etc or have a chicken kebab if we get something from a kebab shop. If it is KFC or something I just wont bother lol! Thanks for the advice.


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Why don't you suggest cooking something for you all. Its what I do with my friends instead of takeaways. Normally something like Chilli Con Carne or Spaghetti Bolognese. I make the sauce from scratch myself so its low fat and dead easy to make. I just have a smaller portion of rice & pasta to everyone else.


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I do slimming world and on that diet the best choices are
Chinese - chicken/beef in black bean sauce, chicken/beef with mushroom, a chow mein
Indian - chicken dhansak
chicken shish is always a good option, get it with salad and buy your own garlic mayo or chilli sauce etc to put on that way you can control it.
Takeaway pizza's are the worst but if you get a pizza express one from a supermarket they're nowhere near as bad.
If you cook search for the slimming world style kfc chicken - I've never made it yet but my friend loves it.
Failing that it's just one day so enjoy it!!