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Healthy Eating Diary again, updated

I have been struggling to lose a stone since christmas, i lose 3lb, gain 2lb, lose 1lb ect, i've tried weight watchers, gi diet, calorie counting but all i seem to do is work out what snacks i can have and obsess about calories, points ect, so i've decided to just try and eat healthy, pure and simple (a healthy wholefood diet) and see how it goes, well here goes :)

Cup of lemon & lime herbal tea
breakfast - muesli with organic semi-skimmed milk
Lunch - chicken salad sandwich with wholegrain bread (from greggs), cup of tea no sugar
Snack - small bowl of stew (potatoes, swede, carrots, leeks, parsnips & onion)left over from last night
cup of strawberry herbal tea
Dinner will be - hummous pitta with salad & a banana
later maybe another herbal tea & a natural fruit bar or a slice wholegrain bread with peanut butter
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Hi Poppy, I am browsing and I just read your thread..I try healthy eating.. I do it for life, but when I try to lose a few pounds I do the same, but cut out what I know is more fattening ( well.. I try ! )

I read a week or so ago, that maybe we have got it abit wrong where diets are concerned, in that, the ' authorities' ie, the government bodies, etc, who try to keep us healthy,tell us to eat, amongst other things, carbohydrates.. but then it says in this article, that this may not be such a good idea, to eat all this bread, or potatoes, or cereal, rice, etc., as, the reason it says, is that..if enough exercise is not done a a really regular basis, then all these carbs will just stick around..

to cut a long story short. we'd need to do a hell of alot of exercise.. its says, exercise has to outweigh what we eat, and carbs are not as good in quantity/

looking at what you eat, you may just like to try LEss bread, say. and substitute your sandwich with piles and piles of salad foods, with your protein ( chicken, ham, tuna, beef, egg etc etc ),and the same, for the main meal.. ie. lots and lots of veggies, and maybe less potatoes, ( or even have mashed carrots in the same quantities as you would, spuds ? )

I have usually. real porridge oats ( ok thats carbs ! ) with a splodge of treacle, for breakfast.. a really big bowl of home made roast veggie soup, loads of fruit interspersed during the day, and sparkling water too..

then say chicken, with ( here I go, those veggies again ) I keep the farmers happy , I buy tons ! ) I never feel hungry..I dont have alot to lose to make my clothes comfy again, but I'll get there, and yes, I do occasionally stray, but not alot as its only me I'm fooling.

best wishes to you. hope this helps you abit


Hi, thanks for your reply and advice walkonby, usually i'd have bread for breakfast but not for lunch and visa versa, it's only when you write it down you relaise it creeps in elsewhere :) which is why i think a food diary is a good idea, i tend to eat more bread & potato's as they are filling and presumed they are healthier than snacking on sweet things, will have to keep an eye on my intake of carbs from now on thanks
So far today:

Blackcurrant herbal tea

Breakfast - porridge with semi skimmed milk and spoonful sugar free raspberry jam

Smoothie - banana,apple juice a handful of frozen pinneapple, mixed berries and mixed tropical fruit

Lunch - wholemeal pitta with houmous and mixed salad & small packet fruit oat cakes

Apple & peach herbal tea

Dinner - veggie mince sheppards pie with a sweet potato/potato topping with carrots & peas

bowl of bran flakes
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hi AishasTummyMummy txs for your comments :),for normal white tea i have clipper organic everyday (which is lovely) and i also find some of the herbal teas a bit yukky, but i've found some that are really fruity and taste lovely even without sugar, they are from the London fruit & herb company which you can buy in holland & barretts and online i think (just google it), they do a lovely fruity range strawberry & vanilla, raspberry, blueberry, lemon & lime, blackcurrant, peach and orange :D i also dont mind camomile and ginger tea
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I'm stopping sugar in white tea & herbal tea alltogether and only using honey/sweet freedom/demerara sugar as sweetner on other food like porridge or baking


Blueberry herbal tea

Muesli with organic semi milk and added wheatgerm & bran

nakd raw food bar

Lunch - veggi soup with rustic wholegrain bread

Dinner - roast chicken (no skin) 2 roast potatoe 1 yorkshire & veg (carrot, peas, sweetcorm & spinach) it is sunday "going to work on a healthier alternative"

Peach herbal tea & 3 fruity oat cakes
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Aisha... yes, I agree, regarding the government having 'shares' in telling us to eat more carbs.. thats what the article said, actually, but they should'nt be telling us this, because, we' have to exercise a hell of a lot to get rid of what they say we should eat..

I think the moral of this is that, whatever is eaten... if the balance of energy that is eaten, is ' worked off', then we keep a stable weight, or even lose weight.. Exercise tones us and keeps us fit, but as for losing us the weight, I dont think it does, really..Thiink exercise makes us feel better in ourselves, and THAT make us aware of good eating habits ?

theres really no good or bad foods really.
Thanks Aisha, you could of had a rant on my diary lol would of been good to hear your opinions on carbs to, most of the stuff i've read recently say half a plate with complete carbs (veg) quarter with complex (pasta, rice bread etc) and quarter with protein (fish, meat etc) and a little good fat, every meal, i do like my carbs i've realise :) i'm thinking a slice of wholegrain bread with natural peanut butter would be better than a chocolate bar, less calories and more filling?
That's my downfall Walkonby, need to excercise more, brought an excercise bike but not used it much, got the wii fit but need to put it on more, getting a mini trampoline this week so hopefully that will get used more, need to be more focused on the excercise :character00116:

Breakfast - smoothie with banana, orange juice & frozen pinneapple and mixed berries

one fruity oatcake

Lunch - veggie soup left from yesterday and wholegrain bread

An apple

Dinner - sea bass with homemade potato wedges, salad & peas followed by homemade apple crumble with an oatty topping and low fat custard

Brought some fresh strawberries & blueberries today so will smoothie them tomoz
I agree, i like to try and eat healthy but usually what stops me is the price, i try to buy organic when i can but have to wait till it's on offer or reduced, i expect the labour MP's extra food money will go on eating out in fancy restaurants not healthy food...

That's my downfall chocolate :(

i'm getting the mini reebok one from argos, so i can bounce while watching tv :) apparentley you burn loads of calories on a trampoline good for cardio

Smoothie - banana, strawberries, blueberries & orange juice

Breakfast - branflakes with semi-skimmed milk & drizzle sweetfreedom

Half a nakd raw choc bar & raspberry herbal tea

Lunch out - mushroon omellette with peas & chips (i know chips are not healthy but will try more)

Other half nakd raw choc bar

Dinner - homemade broccolli & cheese soup with 1 slice wholegrain bread (my grandaughter loves this soup, she calls it green soup)

Strawberry & vanilla herbal tea

Muller rice apple flavour
Just went and got my mini trampoline and had a ten min bounce, really gets the heart rate going (so looking foreward to working a routine out for it), i've read somewhere that you can burn 400 cals in half hour on one :)

Was really good when out as choose a jacket spud with chilli over a kfc :D

Decided i'm dont drinking enough water so will try to drink more from now on


Smoothie - blueberry, strawberries, banana & orange juice

Breakfast - porridge with half water/semi milk and sugarless jam (seetened with grape juice)

Dinner - wrap with turkey, x light mayo, salad leaves, cucumber, tomato, red pepper, red onion, cress & grated carrot

Small packet fruit & spice mini oat cakes & herbal tea (strawberry & vanilla)

Dinner - jacket potato with chilli con

2 squares dark choc with peppermint
Brought a smaller plate today so my main meal portions will be smaller!
Was woken up early today as our dog decided he wanted his morning wee early so started the day with a cappuccino



Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs with 2 wholegrain toast & a fresh orange juice

Lunch - turkey wholegrain wrap with salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cress, red pepper & grated carrot & a little spread x lite mayo - caramel soya dessert

Handful of mixed nuts & dried fruit and a herbal tea (peach)

Dinner - fake chicken with red peppers, onions, mushrooms, courgette in a healthy living sweet & sour sauce with brown boiled rice

1 Hot cross bun & a cup of tea

(water intake 3 glasses and herbal tea)

Smoothie - nana, fresh mango, fresh pineapple & orange juce

Breakfast - bran flakes with semi skimmed milk & tsp raw demerara

Lunch - jacket spud with cheese

2 lily o'brien choc truffles (couldn't help myself)

Dinner - mackerel in chilli & lime with boiled new potatoes, green beans, carrots & sweetcorn

Raw nakd fruit bar (small one)
Bad day today, started off good but feeling down :( going to nando's tonight so not looking good healthy wise or calorie wise!
Decided still going to eat healthy but need to calorie count (roughly) for a few weeks just to check i'm within 1400 -1600 to loose weight at a good pace..


Smoothie - banana, strawberries, passion fruit & orange & mango juice (150)

Breakfast - porridge with prunes and semi skimmed milk with 1 tsp demerara sugar (250)

Lunch - grilled turkey bacon sandwich with seeded bread (400)

Half a blackfriars banana flapjack (250)
Packet cheese oatcakes (130) these are really nice healthy snack, low gi to

Nandos ? will stop counting as will go over
poppy....I have a mini trampoline from Argos..I've had it for years, and every morning I do 25 minutes ( used to be 30, but I AM old ! )

I have some wireless headphones which I tune in to whatever I like, either LBC if its a good discussion, or, more than likely loud, fast music.. I eally enjoy this and its a way of life now.. I am on my third mini trampoline ( each time its ever lost a spring, I take it back to Argos, and they/ve replaced ) dont tell...!

I time myself with my phone alarm.. its not 'jumping up and down' its actually 'jog/dancing' that I do.. and the different tempo's get me going..just try to stop me..

so.. I wish you well, its a good fitness work out.. dont start on too long in the beginning.. its best to do it every day though ( or most days )..better than one made rush at it, once or twice a week.

Also I walk alot, as I cant seem to keep still for long... ANY movement is good, even if its just fidgeting about in a chair..I think its the fidgets who manage somehow to keep their weight down abit better..
Enjoy !
Thanks for your advice walkonby, i put the music channel on this morning and danced on my trampoline, enjoyed it so much more doing it that way, but only doing about 10 mins a time at mo, i also brought the ae sports active this morning and started the 30 day challenge, pretty good work out certainly felt it and built up a sweat :)

When i was younger i must of had nervous energy and never stayed still for long, because i never had a problem with my weight then, but as i've got older & gave up smoking it's just slowly crepted on and not as easy to lose now :(

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