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Healthy eating journal

Hi everyone. I have decided to start my diary again as I really feel I am starting to overdo things and want to get back on track ASAP! The last few weeks I have had a few mad nights out, which leads to binging the following day. I have just returned from a girly weekend away (which was fab and involed LOTS of drinking and eating) and also eaten an Indian tonight. Anyway, I have enjoyed myself but it is time to get back on track. Instead of worrying about it, I thought lets just start afresh, get the diary going again and start exercising. I am not going to weigh until the end of next week as I cant face a gain on the scales. So, as from tomorrow its back to a healthy lifestyle and trying to shift whatever I have put on this weeekend! See you all tomorrow.....
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nice to hear from you. I know what you mean about alcohol its wicked stuff really. I have had a rough two weeks with totm and swine flu and not really watched my weight, going to take a leaf out of your diary !!! ha and will start to log what I eat to. I have managed to lose another pound, but I would like to lose another 3 pounds, mainly though I dont want to get into bad habits.


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Hi Glamm!! Nice to see you! Glad you've been enjoying yourself ;)

You'll soon sort yourself out - keep posting, it certainly helps me! xx


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Hi Glammam

Just wanted to say hi! I am on my second week of re-feed before my hols on Friday, then 18 days on hols, then back to TFR.

I enjoy putting down what I have eaten of a day as it seems to give me accountability for some reason.

Have a great week!
Well done on gettting back on track and a journal definitely helps. I have only started my menus again in the last few days and it does get me thinking when I go to eat something that maybe I dont really want or need.

Yesterday morning I had one finger of twix after too much vodka the night before, but if I wasnt recording my menu's I would probably have had both fingers.


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I know it's me - but that sounds vaguely rude Mary! :eek::eek:
Thanks girls. Didn't get chance to come on here yesterday. Did OK, but I still find that if I have had a good drink on the weekend it takes me a few days to be really good again.

B: 2 weetabix with semi-skimmed milk
L: chicken sandwich
D: cod, tagliatelle and salad
S: half a packet of quavers and a crunchie (I know I have to stop snacking!)

B: weetabix, semi-skimmed milk
L: fish finger sandwich
D: spicy chicken, jacket potato and salad
S: raw carrot!

Better today but my meals were not as healthy. Aiming to go to aerobics tomorrow night. YIKES!!!!


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You say you have to stop snacking - I'm not sure that's necessarily the case. I 'pick' a lot - I know I'd be on a hiding to nothing if I told myself I musn't do it at all - that's never going to happen, so I feel it's a case of managing it rather than trying to ban it all together. It's bloomin' 'ard though isn't it?!! xx
It is hard and I know what you are saying. I don't know whether I am better off having more substantial meals (like today) and laying off the snacks as having really low cal meals I still find I am hungry later on. I am a night picker though, when I am watching telly! I suppose the snacks wont matter so much when I have shifted the last few pounds. Also, you have to have some treats in life dont you!


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Trouble with me is I don't need to be hungry to pick :eek: - we really are our own worst enemies xx


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Hi Glam

I used to have a terrible habit of picking and just munching at night.....someone said it was because at Breakfast you have lunch to look forward to, then after Lunch, you have dinner, but then, nothing after that and it is as though your body is looking for something.

What I used to do was buy the ryvita packs of crisps and some of the tiny packs you get in Sainsburys which I think are like WW and little cheesy puffs, and other savoury snacks which are low fat and low calorie...a pack of these would be ok and you are still snacking, but not too badly.

I think as soon as you say I cant have this, you automatically want it! Typical :)


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I still find that if I have had a good drink on the weekend it takes me a few days to be really good again.
I can relate to this totally! These past few weeks ive been out on the weekends, taking me till like wed to get back on track then i drink again on the saturday. Its a vicious cycle isnt it! :( But we will get there glam - oh its nice to see you back here by the way :) xxx
I think you could be right there Scots. Good idea with the healthy snacks for the night. Last night I had a little pick on some carrot cubes. I think half the time it doesn't matter what I am munching on aslong as its something! I'm not fussy!

Summergirl, I think I am going to lay off the binge weekend drinking for a while. I think I am developing a problem, when I drink I don't want the night to end! I could keep drinking literally all night. Also I now love vodka but I am either sober or absolutely wrecked! Think I made a bit of an idiot out of myself last time I was out! Going to have a few sober weeks I think!

B: porridge
L: ham roll
D: 3 sausages, mash potato, sweede and carrot
cappacino, water


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Just a little observation Glam....dont see much salad/fruit! Is it just that you dont like them.......they would certainly fill you up a bit.

Not sure how many cals you having, but dont look a lot from what you are posting. Even 1000 should allow you to have some salad/fruit....good nutrients as well :)

But in saying that, you seem to be doing really well and very controlled indeed ;-)!! Hope you do ok keeping off the booze at the weekend :)
No you are completely right! I have been rubbish with the fruit and veg this week. Desperately needed a shop! Been to aldi today so back on the old fruit tomorrow! Actually bought some beautiful things in aldi today. They had a Greek theme on so bought some lovely Greek seasoning sachets which I had on my chicken tonight (only 33 cals). Really tasty and livened up my chicken breast, which I have been getting a bit bored of lately. Lovely stuffed olives too. YUM!

B: porridge
L: ham and tomato roll
D: chicken breast cooked in Greek seasoning, mixed salad, olives stuffed with garlic, feta cheese and some cous cous.
S: Friday night treat to watch big brother with: crunchie!
Alcohol: none, tea total now!

I also weighed this morning, feeling brave after last weeks nights out and weekend away and ....... I am exactly the same weight. PHEW!!!
Only since June I have got into olives........but I am intrigued with stuffed olives, lol, how and what do they stuff them with, they are already so small? I have to have a bit of cheese in my mouth with an olive to enjoy the taste.
I absolutely love them. I only got into them when I was pregnant. Kept craving them all the time. Went a bit mad on them actually! Not sure if they are that good for you though?

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