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Healthy extra (ryvita)

It's got an 's' next to the choice for 2 so I think it means if you choose this one it will speed up your weight loss rather than the four (duh!!!)

A bit bizarre I'll agree with you. I would go with your choice of 2 HEB wholemeal rolls and syn your ryvitas - that's the best choice Syn wise.

Enjoy your BBQ - we've got big grey clouds where I am so no outdoor dining for me.


Starting Again!

I think I see what you mean in the grab and go bit it says;

F S 2 Ryvita Dark Rye/Original/Sesame
FF 4 Ryvita Dark Rye/Original/Sesame

Basically what it mean is you can have 2 as a B choice and they are full of fibre and will work as a speed food OR you can have 4 and they wont work as a speed food but are packed with fibre, so you can choose.

Of course you could syn them and take bread as you hex b if you like :)
No worries!

It's a bit daft though isn't it - who would choose just 2 rather than 4 - with all that fibre I wouldn't have thought it would make any difference either way if you know what I mean!
thanks guys:D I thought I was going mad when I saw it so had the 2 to be safe, now I know from now on I will have 4 rofl

syn'd the 2 for 3 syns and had the 2 rolls as hexb:D

can't believe how much I have eaten
2 quorn burgers (in rolls) with blob brown sauce, 3 quorn sauages and 2 chicken pieces (all fat removed) and LOADS of salad! I didn;t touch the ice cream or Angle cake:eek: (7.5 syns WOW)

still need to have my hexa (or 2!!) think may just have a glass of milk or munch on some cheese:D how fab is this diet (I better lose after the will power today!!)

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