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Healthy low calorie snack options?


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Just wondering what people have as healthy snacks? I really struggle to think of things and would like some ideas other than just fruit really. I was thinking of making some hummus and having carrot and pepper sticks with it but I'm not sure how high or low calorie hummus is, it's healthy though isn't it? Any suggestions?
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I have been keeping a list of under 100cal snacks as am doing Slimfast Here they are!!
Ice Lollies

  • Del Monte 100% juice Pineapple - 65cals
  • Weight Watchers mini chocolate sticks - 90-95cals
  • Aero BubbleBall - 99cals
  • Solero Exotic - 99cals
  • Fruit Pastilles Lolly - 61cals
  • The skinny cow mint double choc stick - 94cals
  • FAB - 79cals
  • Twister - 85cals
  • Mivvi Strawberries & clotted cream - 92cals
  • Strawberry & Lemon Calippo Shots - 25cals
  • Mini Milk- 30 cals


  • Tomatoes x 10 – 22cals
  • Hard boiled egg- 76 cals
  • Sugar free jelly- 32 cals
  • Jammie dodgers snack pack- 86 cals
  • Laughing cow extra light triangle- 20 cals
  • Ryvita crispbread- 19cals
  • 20 olives- 98 cals
  • Rice cake- 20 cals
  • 70g TOTAL 2% yogurt with 80g strawberries 69 calories
  • One Müller Light cherry yoghurt 94 calories
  • One bag of Ryvita Salt and Vinegar Mini Bites 93 calories
  • One McVitie's chocolate digestive 83 calories
  • 2 crackers lightly spread with smooth peanut butter 93 calories
  • Sainsburys Melba toast 12cals per slice
  • Mini wholemeal pitta bread 69cals
  • Aldi tom and onion tuna bout 86 cals for small tin
  • Aldi oat crackers x3 (60 cal) and half tin of the tuna
  • Three mushrooms no stalk two blue cheese triangle spread on top with 1/4 piece of small white bread made into breadcrumbs baked with a little bit of rocket n dash of balsamic viniger
  • Ww soup tom and chicken under 100 cals or noodle is under 60! But they are high in salt
  • Home made tom soup split into batches and frozen
  • Asda children's spaghetti just over 100 cal
  • Low calorie jelly one pot is only 10 cals!
  • Flying saucers you can have lots of them!
  • Toasted warburton thins 100cals for top and bottom with a bit of butter or low cal cheese triangle
  • And crisps mmmm quavers squares watsits!


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As my snack I love my yes you can diet plan protein shakes, they have 15g of protein with no added sugar. They taste like dessert, simply delicious and they are under a 100 cal.


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I put cucumber sticks in a pot with smoked ham. It flavours the cucumber. Nom nom. Eggs is a great one but they can stink! I used to take dried fruit but now because I exercise a lot, work full time and I'm training to be a gym instructor I have bigger snacks like a slice of bread with chicken or peanut butter on! Mmm. Watch out for go ahead stuff. You'll find that they come in like packs of three but I would only ever allow myself a snack that's under 100kcals. So a portion is actually one and a half biscuits. I like those marshmallow wafer things too. They're very low kcals. And pink wafers too.


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Hummus with veggie sticks is very healthy! I like apple slices with peanut butter to dip as well - the PB brings the calories up a bit but I find it's very filling.
Some fruit in sugarfree jelly is good but not very portable, but you can buy little pots in supermarkets (I find they're a bit weird tasting though, better to make your own!)
The Danio greek yogurts are nice too, quite mild flavoured and the fruit layer is tasty; they range from 130 - 160 calories per pot and because they're higher in protein they're also very filling. Only downside is the price :(
Carrots are my personal favorite, easy to handle, cheap, crunchy, and really tasty. I usually keep them in a bag somewhere to munch on when I feel cravings or something.


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Some great ideas here for healthy snacks!
I usually have a full fat babybel or a pack of quavers/squares/wot sits/French fries :)
Bananas are a good one too! X


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I would say in the long run it's better to have a snack that's natural with more calories than a sugar-soaked product that's only 60 calories.
My recommendations would be a chopped boiled egg mixed with spring onions, homemade hummus with pepper, carrot and celery sticks, or even a slice of brown bread with some tinned tuna.