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  1. huwiesmummy

    huwiesmummy Gold Member

    Hey everyone.

    I'm looking for meals that could do with a low cal/ healthy version. Like favourite foods that you love but can't have and such. I'm trying to put a blog together of foods that you 'cant ' have on a diet. Any help would be fab
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  3. Kiwi #

    Kiwi # Full Member

    Hi hun I make a chilli that's around 300 cals and instead of having rice I have grated n steamed cauliflower or salad. I think it's the beans in it that make it really substantial n satisfying.

    If you post the link to you blog I'd be really interested in reading x
  4. huwiesmummy

    huwiesmummy Gold Member

  5. sarahmun

    sarahmun Full Member

    are you looking for recipes that you can change or things we use? sorry i didnt understand.
    i love macaroni cheese but always find the low fat versions are watery it would be nice to see interepretations of food and slways up for new ideas. good idea will be taking a look.

    sarah x
  6. Agent Shagwell

    Agent Shagwell Silver Member

    I love making my own souvlakis - I think you call them kebabs in the UK (to us, kebab is meat on a stick). Get some low calorie flat bread - mountain bread is very good, I'm not sure if you guys have that brand? Grill some lean beef, lamb or chicken in a non-stick pan with no oil. Have it cut into strips like you would for a stir-fry. Add lots of salad like fresh, shredded lettuce and juicy chunks of tomato. I like spreading low fat Greek yoghurt onto the flat bread and adding some sweet chilli sauce but you can use any combo of low-calorie sauces you want. This is good for 300-450 calories, depending on what ingredients you use.

    I also love making chunky hot chips out of sweet potato. If you look up sweet potato on or some calorie site like that you can get a nice serve of chips for not many calories. Cut your potatoes into chips, toss them in some salt and pepper and maybe a little bit of oil and bake them in the oven. Serve with low calorie sauces / low fat yoghurt. Om nom nom nom :)
  7. huwiesmummy

    huwiesmummy Gold Member

    I'm looking for ideas to make lower fat/cal for other people. I love cooking and have really got into healthy options and would like to share my knowledge. Mac and cheese can be done lower cal with quinoa and veg and the use low fat cheedar and low fat mozzarella with a little parmesan. No need for a cheese sauce. I will write up a full recipe for you if you like.
  8. huwiesmummy

    huwiesmummy Gold Member

    Good ideas ill defiantly will do the sweet potato chips on my blog. I personally don't like the UK 'kabab' a kabab is meat and veg on a stick. May try that for my hub he loves them
  9. sarahmun

    sarahmun Full Member

    thats brill if u could thanks. if i think of anything else ill let u know. you'll be the go to woman for meals and recipes.

    sarah x
  10. huwiesmummy

    huwiesmummy Gold Member

    Haha I try :)

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