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Healthy meal out....... or so I thought

S: 13st8.5lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 1st0.5lb(7.61%)
Went to some friends house last night for dinner, I agreed with my hubby before I went that I would drive home so that I had a reason not to have a drink! (avoided those syns!)

My friends knows I'm on a diet so agreed to do a healthier meal, and cook rather than us ordering it (which I was really grateful for)

Got there and it was sausages (like the worse thing!), with roasted sweet potato and honey roasted parsnips with a marsala wine onion gravy and streamed green beans! followed by a small cake with very small spoon of ice-cream!

Now I didn't want to be rude as they had gone to so much effort with him and his new girlfriend cooking, so I had it all!, I did however not mop up my gravy like I would have in the past and tried to eat as little as possible of that. (was a lot left on my plate of gravy)

Got back home and worked out my syns straight away and felt like crying :cry:

18 Syns just for the sausages (3 of the Tesco finest ones at 6 syns each!)
11 syns for the bit of cake I had! (was a small Mr Kipping one)

Now as I don't know how much syns to count for the gravy or how much oil was used on veg. I've marked down 11 to make a round even 40 syns for the evening! :sigh:

Now don't get me wrong I had a great evening but with weigh in on Wednesday after work I am going for no syn days between now and then to try and claw back.

Just makes you realise that a meal somebody thinks as being healthy actually works out worse than if we would have had take away! :rolleyes:

Anyway back on it now and lets hope for anything but a gain on Wednesday!
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Such a shame when you were so determined to be good too! I learnt that lesson when we go to visit friends/family. I realised it is safer to get a take away as then I had much more control over what I was ordering and then how much of the portion I ate. Even going for dinner at my mum's (who at the time was 'supposed' to be doing SW!) was just too synfull once you worked it all out.
Yeah definitely don't completely cut them out till you've weighed in. Had a day last week with 40 syns myself just stuck to 5 for the rest of the week and still lost. it's only one meal out of 21 so shouldn't make that much difference. Maybe if you are worried increase your % of superfree foods or try some of the superspeed soup but don't completely deprive yourself !


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S: 14st1lb C: 12st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 1st6lb(10.15%)
It has amazed me and my friends and family how many syns some things are. I try to avoid situations like that afer I learnt when I went to my dads for dinner, bless him he did try and he did think it was 'syn free'. But it was the little things like, I only put a couple of spoonfuls of butter in the mash or I hardly used any oil.
My dad enjoys the finer foods and so I know that his 'I hardly used any oil' was probably still far too much.

It just goes to show how SW educates us in noticing the hidden syns that before SW we wouldn't have even thought about.
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dont worry just eat lots of free foods and keep your syns down till weigh and try some ss foods too x


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If it was a one off meal, to be honest, it probably won't make too much of a difference. It can be very high in syns, but if you look at what you actually ate, it wasn't like you had a major binge.

Take it as a flexi syn and just draw a line under it. What puts weight on is what happens in the days and weeks following, not one meal.
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You won't be able to have sw-friendly meals everyday of your life so just accept that there are going to be times where you eat meals like this. As they always say, its a way of life, so just be thankful that its a rare occurence :)


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Look at the positives... Think how many syns you would have had if you hadnt have chosen to be the designated driver? You'd have been looking at far more than 40 syns that's for sure!!

Draw a line under it honey, at the end of the day there wasnt a great deal you could have done about it. A few extra syns might be just what your body was after x

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